[Zope-Annce] Zope Weekly News for October 18th

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 13:17:38 -0400

New PTK Release, Zope Book gets feedback, How to control access on a
basis, WriteLocking proposal, XHTMLTemplate and HiperDOM,
Membership, and docs get organized on Zope.org.           
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And Now For Something Completely Different:



  by Michel Pelletier

  The response to book's alpha release was spectacular, with
  people sending us many great comments.  We're listening!
  The book is improving every day, and very, very soon we 
  plan on handing over *the complete technical
  draft* to O'Reilly!

  As allways, "keep reading",
  and "keep sending us comments",
  and we'll keep listening.

  Many people have send us mail asking for PDF versions of 
  the book, this is planned, but at the moment the code 
  isn't in place yet to output PDF from structured text, so 
  it will be a while.  We hope you can be patient with us
  because we're really busy making this a good book and we 
  don't have all the time to make the HTML look much better 
  than it does or to produce PDF documentation.

  Also, lots of people have sent us mail about the 
  screenshots on the book, yes, we know they look pretty
  bad in Netscape (fine in Mozilla, though)
  but all of the existing screenshots are going to be thrown
  away soon anyway and a whole new set of them will be done 
  for the book, so once again, we ask for your patience and 
  suggest maybe trying out Mozilla (which we will hopefully 
  be using for the new screenshots!) if it really bugs you.

Zope Status

  by Brian Lloyd


  A busy week in the Fishbowl

Recent News

  Last week was a busy one. Evan scoped out a hole in subscript-notation 
  support in ObjectManagers that required a Hotfix release :( Jeffrey 
  Shell refined his WriteLocking proposal (to support DAV-aware Web 
  tools that require DAV locking support). Shane Hathaway is putting on 
  the sleuth hat to track down some reports of oddities with ZClasses 
  when upgrading sites to 2.2+. 

  Debate continues to simmer on the zope-dev list on the right way to 
  control access to objects from various protocols - it is a hard 
  problem and there are several viewpoints on this. This is something 
  that we should ponder for the notional Zope 3.

  Also on dev.zope.org Monty Taylor is working on a proposal for 
  implementing stored procedure support for the Oracle DA. Hopefully 
  this will eventually lead to a more general interface that other 
  DAs could implement.

  On a somewhat belated note, Michel has released alpha one of the 
  upcoming Zope book:


  Now is the time to get him your feedback. Documentation has been an 
  albatross for Zope for a long time and this book is a huge opportunity 
  to rectify that - please do your part in making it the best it can be 
  by taking an early look and contributing your thoughts or concerns!

Near Future

  We are still planning to supercede the XHTMLTemplate project on 
  dev.zope.org with the HiperDOM project - Martijn will be working 
  to get the project updated and herd interested parties to the new 
  development home.

  There are a number of outstanding issues that we want to address 
  soon with a 2.2.3 release - we are still in the process of
  and reproducing some of the issues, but I would expect that this will 
  happen in the next few weeks.


State of the PTK, 2000/10/17

  * Michael Bernstein (mbernstein@profitscape.com) has made significant
    progress in his quest to re-integrate the Membership product with
    PTK, especially in the area of listing members:



  * Bill Anderson <bill@noreboots.com> "announced",
    that he was very selfishly taking time off from responding to list
    traffic, including messages about his Membership product, in order
    to get married! :) Congratulations and best wishes from the PTK
    community abound!

  * Tres Seaver "released version 0.9.0",
    of the PTK.  "...and there was much rejoicing".

  * Tres then had to "pull one of the tarballs of the release",
    because the "distribution tab" products for Wizard and DemoPortal
    depend on a stock ZClass (Products.OFSP._ZClass_for_DTMLMethod)
    is not created at import time, but at product initialization time.

    Tres has "submitted a patch",
    for this problem to the Zope Collector, but in the meanwhile, the
    distribution tab versions are not useful.

  * Bjorn Stabell <bjorn@exoweb.net> posted an "insightful summary":
    of the issues involved in distributing part of the PTK as
    "through-the-web" software (i.e., DemoPortal).

  * Phillip Eby (pje@telecommunity.com) "announced new ZPatterns
    including explanations of triggers and rules and a completed

PTK Tracker Vitals, 2000/10/17 (since 2000/09/25)

 Here is is the current state of the tracker::

  Type / Status   New     Closed     Current

    Bug Reports     4        20          11

       Requests     0         5           9


Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen

 Find The Docs

  The ZDP folks are really taking off.  They've categorized
  all the how-tos and tips, and we're getting set to roll
  out with a new Documentation guide.  Itamar Shull-Turing
  has already written a "Guide to Documentation for Developers",
  which will be used in the creation of the documentation