[Zope-Annce] October 25th Zope Weekly News

emf mindlace@digicool.com
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 21:49:18 -0400

Thanks to community reviewers of the Zope Book, Zope has a 
Process, Replicating ZEO Servers, XHTML comingles with HiperDOM,
and silly cloak and daggers stuff, all in this week's ZWN.         
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And Now For Something Completely Different:



  by Michel Pelletier

   No time really to write a comprehensive report, we're in the final
  I would however like to take a moment to recognize our official
  technical reviewers:

    o Tom Deprez

    o Dwayne Morrison 

    o Kathy Hester

    o Michael Bernstein 

    o Bill Anderson 
    o Tom Deprez

  Thanks to everyone who volunteered to become an O'Reilly reviewer.  We
  we could have picked you all; everyone was very qualified. 
  Screenshots are one their way!


Zope Status

  by Brian Lloyd


  Projects and Process

 Recent News

  Last week saw some new active projects added to dev.zope.org. 
  Jeffrey Shell's "Write Locking" project will add some missing 
  infrastructure to support DAV-aware Web tools that require DAV 
  locking support on the server. 

  Jim Fulton added the "ZEO Storage Replication" project, which 
  will allow "distributed commit" and prevent ZEO storage servers 
  from being a single point of failure. If you enjoy playing in the 
  deep end of the pool, check this project out! :^)

  The project formerly known as "XHTMLTemplates" has now been changed 
  to "HiperDom Templates" in the active projects area - Hiperlogica 
  will be taking the lead on this and we at DC will be working closely 
  with them to put this project on the fast track. Zopistas interested 
  in this project to add XMLC-like templating to Zope should visit the 
  new HiperDom development home and get their licks in now while the 
  requirements are being formalized.
  Though I talked about this last week, Michel has released alpha one 
  of the "upcoming Zope book",
  Now is the time to get him your feedback. Documentation has been an 
  albatross for Zope for a long time and this book is a huge opportunity 
  to rectify that - please do your part in making it the best it can be 
  by taking an early look and contributing your thoughts or concerns!
 Near Future  
  I have a todo list for a 2.2.3 release (expect that in the next 
  few weeks). Work will also be proceeding on several of the items 
  on the Zope 2.3 plan (which is available on dev.zope.org). 
  We have also recently done an internal review of how things have 
  been going on dev.zope.org and identified some general problems 
  that we want to fix. A big one is the difficulty of finding out 
  what is going on and what the status of various things are "at a 
  glance". Lisa Reushling who recently joined the DC team will be 
  working on streamlining the site and the process on dev.zope.org.


Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen

 Mission Quite Improbable

  I am deeply engaged in a stealth mission. I could tell
  you more, but then I'd have to kill you.