[Zope-Annce] ZWiki 0.9.4 released

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
04 Aug 2001 11:17:34 -0700

Please let me know of any major problems. This is the first
widely-announced release in a while, so you may want to peruse
the http://zwiki.org/ChangeLog, http://zwiki.org/ZWikiProblems, etc.

Best regards,

0.9.4 2001-08-04

	* escaping remote wiki links with ! should now work

	* tests have been completely reorganized and updated

	* added custom __repr__ from CMFWiki
	* refactored code into multiple modules, following CMFWiki.
	Encapsulated some functionality in mix-in classes.

	* another stx fixup: a single letter followed by a period is no
	longer mistaken for a numeric bullet
	* fix for one of 0.9.3's stx fixups: spurious html comments no
	longer appear in stx examples

	* exposed the "zwiki_username_or_ip" utility method, which given
	REQUEST returns a best guess for username (authenticated user,
	zwiki_username cookie, or ip address)

	* experimental "lasttext" and "diff" methods show the text of a page's
	last revision and a concise diff with the latest

	* bare/noheader/nofooter flags can now also be passed as keyword args

	* from WikiForNow: wiki-linking is now inhibited within 
	- <pre></pre>
	- <code></code>
	- structured text :: examples
	- structured text '' quoted code
	- html tags.
	* append permission now works

	* tweaked the anti-javascript hack

	* tweaked the anti-decapitation kludge

	* added plainhtmldtml mode (DTML + HTML, nothing else)