[Zope-Annce] Zope.org mailman lists migrated to new release, new host

Ken Manheimer klm@digicool.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 19:44:10 -0500 (EST)

While the old mail system on classic was hosed, a few of us at digital
creations took the opportunity to migrate the mailman lists the new host
and the new version of mailman.  (Barry Warsaw, mr mailman, did the main
work of transforming the lists, while ethan and i helped with data
transfer, dns config, etc - "...hauling up the data on the xerox line..."

This migration was way overdue, and was intended to happen in the near
term, anyway.  It should mean more reliable service, and reduce some of
the awful headaches the list managers have had to endure, keeping the old
system going and, particularly, dealing with the poorly filtered bounce
messages.  (I collected over 20,000 bounces over a period of a few months,
as zope@zope.org admin, lucky me.  The improved bounce handling in mailman
2.0 should reduce that number significantly - and it's no longer pointless
to continue to improve it as we discover unhandled bounce formats...)

We have yet to confirm that delivery works ok - but signs are good, as the
system slogs through the backlog.  For the short term, we're expecting
more *sluggish* turnaround time, until we get the storage server migrated
to a separate host, hopefully sometime in the next week or so.  At that
point, we expect improved performance, and reliability.  We will see.

Note that ethan updated the dns so 'lists.zope.org' is still the canonical
host - and the zope.org MX record also is revised to point to the right
place.  'http://lists.zope.org/mailman' and 'http://www.zope.org/mailman'
should continue to be interchangable, with the latter being a redirect to
the former.  Upshot - the changes should be transparent.  (We have yet to
establish that the new mail host will relay collector and other
classic.zope.org mail-using applications.  We're working on it.)

That's it for now.  One way or another, this should be a big step forward
for pending escape from painful legacy items - hooray!


(*) http://stevebriggs.superb.net/stanrogers/songs/wch-sng.html