[Zope-Annce] Product release: ExtFile/ExtImage 1.1.0.beta1

Gregor Heine heine@cdc-group.com
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:32:30 +0100

ExtFile/ExtImage Product 1.1.0.beta1 has just been released.
Get it at http://www.zope.org/Members/MacGregor/ExtFile

The new Version comes with many, many internal changes and some new features

which will (hopefully) make ExtFile/ExtImage even more reliable:
- You can set a 'level of undo' which determines in wich cases the external
  file is overwritten/deleted or renamed to '.undo'.
- 'id collision bug' fixed, which caused unreferenced files in the
  when an id of a new object already existed (thanks to Fred Yanowski).
  Instead of in the __init__ method, the file data is now passed to the
  after it has been successfully added, via manage_file_upload.
- 'wrong file size bug' fixed, which caused a wrong file size and resolution
  of the image and preview, after a new file was uploaded followed by an
  of this transaction. The filesize and resolution attributes have been 
  replaced by corresponding methods which determine the respective value
  directtly from the file(e.g. width(), height(), prev_size(), ...) 
- Objects can be assigned an alternative id (instead of the filename) by the

  optional 'id' field in the manage_add method of ExtFile and ExtImage.
- Uploaded preview images can be resized during upload (like the generated 
- Images can be dynamically resized (thanks to Arno Gross): the index_html 
  method now has two additional parameters ('width' and 'height') which
  the image to be resized on the fly.
- Documentation updated.

Because the product was rewritten in big parts this release is a beta 
version which might still have some bugs. I haven't had too much time for 
testing, so please report me any bug you find. I hope I will be ableto
the next stable release within the next two or three weeks.