[Zope-Annce] ANNOUNCE: Zope 2.3.0 final released

Brian Lloyd brian@digicool.com
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 15:56:37 -0500

Hello all,

  Zope 2.3.0 final has been released - you can download it from


  Zope 2.3 is focused on improving productivity, ease of use and 
  performance. New features in the 2.3 release supporting these 
  goals include:

    - Scripts to allow safe web management of logic, dramatically 
      improving the ability to separate logic and presentation in 
      site design

    - Cache Managers to provide a powerful caching infrastructure 
      for dramatically improving site responsiveness while retaining 

    - Built-in infrastructure for complex virtual hosting of multiple 
      sites on one server

    - Significantly improved Zope Management Interface for web-based 
      authoring and administration

    - Other important changes, such as improvements in WebDAV support,
      customizable object creation, running an optional server for 
      browsing source documents, significant improvements in cataloging 
      and indexing, and a new quick start document with references to 
      the most important documentation for new users

  Zope 2.3 also marks the first feature release where a significant 
  amount of the work was done "in the fishbowl" using our open 
  development process on dev.zope.org. This release owes a lot to 
  the hard work of many in the Zope community in addition to folks 
  here at DC. The MVPs for Zope 2.3 include:

    - Evan Simpson (Python scripting and SiteAccess)

    - Shane Hathaway (CacheManager and many other things)

    - Adam Davis (improvements to the Zope interface)

    - Chris Petrilli (ZCatalog)

    - Toby Dickenson (improved Python 2 support)

    - Chris McDonough (improved UserFolders)

    - John Odom (StructuredText NG)

    - Michel Pelletier (Interfaces and new Quickstart)

    - Casey Duncan (ZCatalog patches)

    - Tres Seaver (FTP and DAV support in ZClasses)

    - John Heintz (patch for ExtensionClass)

    - Chris Withers (patches and bug hunting)

    - Tom Vijlbrief (FTP rename support)

    - Dieter Maurer (patches and bug hunting)

  My apologies to anyone I've missed - thanks also to the many 
  who participated the alpha and beta cycles and provided 

  For more information on what is new in this release, see the 
  CHANGES.txt and HISTORY.txt files for the release:

    - http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope/2.3.0/CHANGES.txt

    - http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope/2.3.0/HISTORY.txt

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