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EuroZope barbecue coming soon, how to sell Zope to management
types, Zope 2.4 beta 2 released, and CMF news and discussion
in this week's ZWN

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Upcoming Events

 EuroZope Conference

  The EuroZope crew is organizing a two
  day Zope only conference in Berlin on the 12th
  and 13th of July.

  The full "schedule is availiable",
  featuring exiting topics, including Squishdot, Zope Components,
  Internationalization, SmartObjects, and more!


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Selling Zope

  There was an extensive discussion on how to sell Zope/OSS to management 
  proprietary packages.
  Chris McDonough framed the problem well:
  "Think of a high-level executive making a decision about buying a content
  management system like a foreigner on a business trip in a strange
  land.  Everyone is bugging him to eat at their restaurant.  He
  recognizes none of the names of these restaurants, and doesn't really
  even understand what kind of food each restaurant is selling.  But then
  he sees the McDonald's "golden arches" (MS/IBM).. and he knows that.  He
  knows McDonalds isn't the best food, but it's a safe bet in a foreign
  country when all he wants to do is eat and move on."

  Charlie Blanchard asked where there were case studies or white papers:
  Stephen Goeldi suggested "The Buisness Case for Linux and Open Source 
  and Martijn Pieters pointed out that Digital Creations has "several pdf 
  talking about various Zope technologies.

  Jon Edwards pointed out that this is an area where Zope User's Groups 
  be helpful, in both profiling solutions and putting together brocures.
  Jerome Alet suggested a "brand your own brochure" that would let you 
  a marketing pdf branded with your companie's information.

  Mike Krohn does a good analysis, saying "it is going to be a long time 
  Zope is seen as less risky than, say, Vignette. [...] So the major
  infrastucture for e-commerce in big corporates is not a market that Zope
  can make a big impression on directly. Need to slide round the side. [...]
  "Risk is less important on many intranet sites. Cost is important. 
  is important. Zope could win here. We would have to be careful with the
  messages so as not to get cornered in a niche but it could lead to the
  big platform implementations, too."


Zope News

  Zope 2.4 beta 2 has been released.  Changes from beta 1:

  - Some of the import shenanigans in ZService.py were still
    trying to load Python 1.5 versions of support dlls for running
    as a service under win32 (meaning you effectively couldn't).

  - Collector entries 2342 & 2348 - StructuredTextNG fixes.
    Table-detection code used multi-arg appends and failed.
    doc_href() method did not pick up on URLs with query strings.
    Thanks to "datagrok"

  - Collector #2335: older products like GadflyDA that did not
    use registerClass() were registered but their visibility
    flag has not been set  to Global. So these products did not
    appear in the ZMI.

  - Corrected handling of nested scopes in restricted code.
    The compiler did not correctly handle nested variables
    used in multiple child scopes.

  - added WebDAV workaround for MSIE 6 beta unable to handle accented
    characters inside the  CDATA section for the object properties

  - fixed broken WebDAV support for GoLIVE unable to handle some
    object properties placed inside CDATA sections


CMF News

  by Seb and Jon

  This week, there were 195 posts, made by 57 people
  (35% of which were posted by 5% of the people).

 How to achieve World Domination in 3 Easy Steps

  **Step 1 - Interoperability** - There was some
  with other CMSes. Easing the pain of migrating between competing systems 
  the CMF could be a clear  winner. However,
  a prerequisite of interoperability with
  the Big Playaz (Vignette, Broadvision) is a community standard for
  managing websites, rather than just content types?

  At which point Jon
  his own fledgling CMS, and asked complete strangers to play with it... 
  that he is enticing potential collaborators with offers of sweeties and 
  are totally unfounded!

  **Step 2 - The Intranet/Extranet Market** - Craig wondered how suitable 
the CMF
  was for corporate extranets. It
  that several people were using it for this purpose.

  The possibility that the CMF is currently more suited to
  corporate intranets than CMSs, out of the box, was
  by Seb, and this theme was picked up by Paul Everitt, as a possible market
  focus for the CMF (especially for SMEs).

  **Step 3 - Friends in High Places** - Straight from the mouth of a 
  "there's a big, big future for the CMF."

  **Look, it's working already!** - Amidst all the advocacy musings was one
  "particularly glowing comment",
  from cameron::

  "This is what Zope was born for, and I salute you"

  At my signal, unleash hell!

 New products / releases

  - "Blark Weblog / 

  - "French 

  - "CMF Demo Product":http://www.zope.org/Members/adamgdavis/CMFDemo/

  Some CMF Sites

  - "http://newdaily.lwn.net/":http://newdaily.lwn.net/

  - "http://www.netkook.com":http://www.netkook.com

  - "http://iwethey.org:8080/forums":http://iwethey.org:8080/forums
    (beta discussions based on sql backend)

  - "http://bill.noreboots.com":http://bill.noreboots.com

  - "http://www.libc.org":http://www.libc.org

  - "http://www.immosys.com":http://www.immosys.com

  - "http://www.pricom.co.uk":http://www.pricom.co.uk

 Odds and Ends

  There are some questions still looking for answers - in particular,
  "How to grok 
  (a brief answer appeared),
  "Gregoire's workflow questions",
  and how to get Stock Zope Objects into a CMF instance - "lots of 

  about RSS feeds of the mailing list turned into a fullblown discovery of 

  Thoughts about an "integrated spell checker",
  http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2001-June/007878.html ;
  better living through "rationalised skins",
  http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2001-June/007824.html ;
  "is the Undo UI useable",
  http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2001-June/007841.html ;
  some ideas about "subscription",
  http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2001-June/007842.html ;
  and "how to 
  "changes in the 

  Remi launched a 
  about translating the CMF. It looks like
  there are, or will be, versions underway in French, Spanish and German.

  Finally, there was some "discussion about discussions",
  http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2001-June/007847.html -
  Seb and / or Chris will be having to write a new discussion tool soon, so
  any more input on this issue would be very welcome.


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