[Zope-Annce] Introducing new consept: Zope Beer Nights! (Oslo: you're up)

Erik Enge erik@thingamy.net
18 Jul 2001 15:40:54 +0200

Yeah!  This can't fail!

Ok, this is the plan.  We're a bunch of people, we all have something
in relation to eachother: Zope!  This bunch, get's together and drink
beer.  You just can't beat this plan.

Norwegians; rally up!  I'm organizing the first ZBN (Zope Beer Night)
in Oslo next week (or even this weekend if people are up for it).  If
you want to join, mail me and I'll let you know where and when (it's
not decided yet, so it could be anything from a pub-hangout to a wild
BBQ burning old spam, spam and spam).

Let your Zopista-friends know and bring them too.  (Oh, brining
innocent non-Zopista victims could be great fun; we could see how long
it would take to convince them to New Religion, for example ;)

Hope to see you there (wherever that turns out to be)!