[Zope-Annce] Site Search 0.1.0 released

Stephan Richter srichter@cbu.edu
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 08:36:40 -0500

Hello everyone,

until today I have never felt the need for a nice little site-wide search 
product, since I always though there are already some out there. But when I 
tried to find one through several different searches and could not find 
one, I was more than just surprised.

So, I thought, to change that I will have to implement one pretty quick, 
since we need it for a project in anyway. Therefore, I took the FindSupport 
and started messing with it a little bit. After I got the basic 
functionality going I started adding some new features:

- Define a base object and search through it. Optionally you can also 
search its sub objects.
- Instead of just looking into PrincipiaSearchSource, the SiteSearch also 
investigates the properties of an object. This can be optionally turned 
off, but it makes the product really useful.
- There is a simple support for the logical operators 'and', 'or' & 'not'. 
You can also group words to phrases using " " (quotes).
- There is an option, where you can choose whether you would like to search 
through the Control_Panel as well, since it can be very annoying if it 
assumes this case.
- There are a couple of other options you can set, such as what meta-types 
to look into or the modification time (as you are used to it from the 

This little product might also be the start of the backend of the ZOQL, 
whose parser is currently being implemented by a couple very smart people 
(certainly not me).

URL: http://www.zope.org/Members/srichter/Products/SiteSearch

Please download the product and test it. Then send me all the feedback you 
can, good or bad!


Stephan Richter
CBU - Physics and Chemistry Student
Web2k - Web Design/Development & Technical Project Management