[Zope-Annce] popoto 0.4.3 is Zbabel compliant for french and english

Didier Georgieff Didier Georgieff <dgieff@divinerites.com>
Sat, 28 Jul 2001 13:36:58 +0200


popoto 0.4.3 is available and is ZBabel compliant.

A first ZBabel tower and dictionary is also available with 
english dictionary (anyone with a spanish or german 
translation will be greatly praise ;-).

Now it also works nicely with HTMLDocument.



I made "Portal For All in a nutshell" (POrtail POur TOus 
in french) in order to allow (almost) anyone to setup and 
customize collaborative portals within an hour.

A lot of non-technical people are interested in Zope, but 
are really afraid of testing it, being under the impression 
that Zope is *only* for developpers.

So this product aims at being used by non technical 
managers, to experiment easily Zope Zen.

This product is based on NFGnav, CookieCrumbler, 
Yihaw/EPIC & Popoto.
It works nicely with ZBabel, HTMLDocument.

How-To are available in french (in English in the future) 
in RTF format within PopotoTools.zip.

If you need more power, please have a look at CMF.