[Zope-Annce] CMF 1.1beta released

Tres Seaver tseaver@digicool.com
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 18:24:28 -0400 (EDT)

Digital Creations is pleased to announce the beta release of
version 1.1 of its Content Management Framework (CMF).

>From the README:

  What is the CMF?

    The Zope Content Management Framework provides a set of
    services and content objects useful for building highly
    dynamic, content-oriented portal sites.  As packaged, the
    CMF generates a site much like the Zope.org site.  The CMF is
    intended to be easily customizable, in terms of both the
    types of content used and the policies and services it


    * "Download the CMF",

    * The "CMF site", http://cmf.zope.org.

    * The "mailing list", mailto:zope-cmf@zope.org.

      -  "List information and online signup",

      -  "Archives of the list",


    Please see "Installing CMF",

>From the Changelog:

 New features

  - Added CMFCore.utils.keywordsplitter to construct 'Subject'
    dublin core header from both 'Keywords' and 'Subject' headers
    passed in (meta tags/rfc822).

  - CMF Document now uses StructuredTextNG for structured text
    handling.  Nicely enough, it uses the "with images" features, and
    also enables named and inner links.

  - CMF Document exposes two new accessor methods for getting at the
    "cooked" and editable body, 'CookedBody()', and 'EditableBody()'.
    Using the 'cooked_text' and 'text' instance attributes should be
    considered deprecated.

  - Added new "exemplar" content product, CMFCalendar, which
    (for now) adds a simple content object, Event.  This product
    serves a similar didactic purpose as CMFTopic (which is now
    "in the core"):  it shows how to build new content types as
    filesystem products.

  - Implemented improved "safety belt" for concurrent Document
    editing.  See the dogbowl proposal,

  - Added new filesystem-based skin method type, FSSTXMethod, for
    creating "methods" which render STX.

  - Exposed "controlled vocabulary" for Subject in

  - Gave 'portal_skins' tool its own PUT_factory (Tracker #238).
    Allows site builder to create skin methods via WebDAV/FTP,
    including ZPT, PythonScripts, etc.

  - Implemented "outbound" segment of the "Syndication tool"
    proposal, q.v.,

  - Made 'PUT_factory' use new 'content_type_registry' tool.

  - Made 'PUT_factory' use 'invokeFactory', so that objects
    created via PUT have their 'portal_type' set properly.

  - Added ContentTypeRegistry class and related predicates for
    mapping PUT requests (name,content_type,body) to type object

  - Allowed Reviewers to "retract" published content owned by

  - Added "Overview" ZMI view to tools.

  - Added "Dublin Core" ZMI view to PortalContent;  added an
    editing view for Document and derivatives.

  - Added "drop-in" workflow objects to the WorkflowTool,
    including the ability to map workflows onto content types.

  - Changed CMFDefault.Portal to install CMF Topic by default
    when building a new CMF Site.

  - Added a new criteria type, *FriendlyDateCriterion*, to
    CMFTopic for building queries like 'When effective_date is
    less than five days old'.

  - Implemented 'portal_metadata' tool.  See the dogbowl

  - Extended DirectoryView objects to reload when the directory
    they represent has changed, if Zope is running in debug mode.

  - Added hooks to CookieCrumbler to permit site managers to
    customize seting/expiring of the authentication cookie by
    adding PythonScripts; two default filesystem implementations
    are in CMFDefault's "control" skin.

  - Extended TypesTool to deal appropriately with DTML factory
    methods (e.g., for ZClasses).

  - Made FSDTMLMethods searchable from the ZMI (Issue PTK(251)[]).

  - plus numerous bugfixes.

Tres Seaver                                tseaver@digicool.com
Digital Creations     "Zope Dealers"       http://www.zope.org