[Zope-Annce] June 17th Zope Weekly News

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Sun, 17 Jun 2001 04:23:54 -0400

Metadata, Developer's Guide update, new Zope.org progress,
Lots of Page Template Proposals, and more in this week's news.

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Upcoming Events

 EuroZope Conference

  The EuroZope crew is organizing a two
  day Zope only conference in Berlin on the 12th
  and 13th of July.

  Those interested in participating should join the
  discussion on the "EuroZope mailinglist",


Get Zope T-shirts!

   Ever have a hankering for a giant blue orb on your back?
   Well, now you can satisfy your craving. Score some
   "Zope Shirts":http://www.zope.org/Resources/Store and you'll be set.


Zope Developer's Guide

  by Michel Pelletier

  I'm happy to announce a new release of the Zope Developer's Guide,
  "available in HTML format",

  The new guide contains many improvements and elaborations over the
  previous HTML release, and has benefited from the review and contributions
  from many community members including well-known object-orienteers Jim
  Fulton, Guido van Rossum and Bruce Eckel.

  This will be the last "preview" release of the Dev guide before we release
  the first edition alongside the release of Zope 2.4.

  As usual, any problems suggestions should be noted in the
  "SourceForge tracker",


CMF News

  by Seb and Jon

  Traffic on zope-cmf was a little calmer this week, and the majority of it 
  to come from people noticing that the CMFDecor product doesn't work. 
  removing the CMF Decor folder for now.  In the mean time, don't worry - 
it's not
  an essential part of the CMF.


    It's not always clear how to apply Zope's Security machinery to 
    scenarios.  Jens 
    his ideas for implementing Workgroups in CMF. Shane
    you might accomplish  a similar thing using his cutting-edge DCWorkflow.
    The discussion continued in a slightly different direction following
    on subjects/metadata. Will CMF become the "weapon of choice" for 
intranet managers?

  Metadata - The Next Generation

    The use and application of Dublin Core Metadata has come under scrutiny
    this week.
    Tim Lynch
    some useful background information on the uses of Dublin Core in the
    "World Outside CMF" (tm) - to which Tres
    with more details of DC's perspective on the DC.

    Subclassing the DublinCore each time you want to extend it can be a bit 
of a
    pain.  Shane
    a new implementation; Tres turns fashion-guru and introduces
    - every well dressed content-object will be carrying one this summer.
    "Aspect oriented 
    Lesser mortals reach for their

  Bite-Sized Chunks

    Seb released a
    of his Mailin Product. We're one step closer to updating from the 
    Chris W leaked the news that Swishdot will incorporate this 
    giving a mailinglist/weblog cross - genetic-engineering at its best!

    Some useful 
    from Jeff on how to get CMFWiki working from CVS...
    and Tres 
    DC's thinking on the future of this product.  In short, you can use it, 
but it's
    not 'supported' officially.

    "Zopefish":http://zopefish.weblogs.com/2001/06/08 dives into CMF.
    Onlookers drool at the prospect of Zopefish/CMF integration! Has
    anyone told "Dave Winer":http://www.scripting.com?

    Marc's Colour-Guide undergoes
    "cosmetic surgery":http://cmf.zope.org/Members/grifter70000/color_guide,
    courtesy of Dr Grifter.

    Are you thinking of running several CMFs in the same Zope instance?
    Want to share common skins? So does
W":http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2001-June/007500.html -
    filesystem-based skins

    The "CMF Dogbowl Calendar":http://cmf.zope.org/calendar/calendar is up 
    running. One to watch for forthcoming Zope-related events.

  Silly Stats

    (last week's figures in brackets)::

      159 messages (350)
      42 people posted (50)
      55% were by 12% of people (70%:40%)
      8 bugs were resolved (?)
      3 were submitted (?)


Page Templates

  Page Templates are already quite useful, but there's been a lot
  of activity lately on "proposed changes",

  * Replace Inner Text -- editors tend to be a touch indiscriminant
    about how they mark up code: your attribute markup can have
    font tags and other markup inserted inside it. What should happen then?

  * Variable Expansion in Paths -- it would be nice if the path could
    include components that are actually variables.

  * Disappearing tags -- it would be nice if some marked up tags went
    away after they are done doing their dynamic thing.  A new tal attribute
    and a block tag have been proposed as solutions.

  * Search And Replace -- somewhat related to the prior issue, having some
    way of specifying placeholders that indicate items to be replaced
    in non-marked up text (think JavaScript) would be nice.

  * Commenting -- A tal:comment directive?

  There's more! Go to the page templates project and join in the discussion.


Zope Web

   by Ethan Fremen

   "Zope.org enhancement",

   Skin Madness ...Page Templates are a lot of fun.  At the end of this 
project you'll
   be able to view_source on the zope.org site and get loads of good ZPT 

   The "workflow",
   has received a lot of work, thanks to Jens Vagelpohl. Work on a 
redirector to support
   the migration machinery is also near completion, thanks to Andreas Jung.