[Zope-Annce] FreePM 0.6.0b - Is Online

Tim Cook tim@freepm.org
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 03:00:21 -0600

We are very proud to present the online demo of FreePM 0.6.0b 
The distribution files for *nix and MS platforms will be
available in a few days for you to download.

What is FreePM?

FreePM is an open source, cross-platform Electronic Medical
Record application. It requires use of the Zope application
server (also open source) from Digital Creations, Inc. The client
interface can be any frames capable, javascript enabled web

New Features:
Template Driven Patient Encounters.
Template Generator (you will definitely need to read the
documentation on this).
Better EMR workflow organization.

We invite you to build templates on the demo site. These
templates will be included with future distributions of FreePM.
Community involvement has been great so far. Your continued
support insures the success of this open source application.

What to do with the demo:
Select a patient record (or enter a new one), begin a patient
Try out the lower back pain template. The help file for
encounters is not yet finished.
You can write prescriptions, order lab and radiology. These can
be inserted into the note. Immunizations, injections and
procedures will be ready in the next day or two.  

After seeing how the template works in the encounter, close this
EMR and go back to the main menu.
Select Configuration and then Templates. There is a help file
that gives an introduction on how to construct templates.  If it
is confusing, please post questions to the freepm list. BTW:
Thanks to Sourceforge for getting the list back up and running

The tickler for Lab and Radiology is working so that when an
order is placed it is displayed on the tech's menu. When the tech
(or whomever) enters the results it is being entered directly
into the EMR. 

Things we're working on next:

Interface cleanup to make some of the old stuff match the new

Printing (BTW: All printing is done via PDF files. You will need
a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader or xpdf).

Sending reports / results via email.

Orders generate charges. The infrastructure is there, just need
to finish some charge tables and work on the code where it
changed between versions.

E&M coding levels checking (more information about coding in
general in a few days).

Integration of the Multum Drug Database.


Moving from the development version to the demo I have several
security checks to turn off so that anonymous users can gain
access. If you get prompted for a login please let me know what
you were trying to access.

If you would like to more actively participate in the development
of FreePM please let me know.

Tim Cook, President - FreePM,Inc. 
http://www.FreePM.com Office: (901) 884-4126