[Zope-Annce] Localized DateTime classes

svedovelli spinwing@inwind.it
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 22:49:13 +0100


I have published a patched version of the DateTime class which now adapt
itself to the Central European format (dd/mm) instead of the Anglo-american
format mm/dd. Moreover the new class now returns day and month names in the
localized form.

At this very moment I have published two localized versions, Italian and
French, but I plan in future to create a more sophisticated version which
will try to guess in which country the system is running in order to return
the proper translation.

Any suggestion is very welcome. If you are interested in localized version
for other languages, please, contact me. I will be glad to provide help.

You can find the patched class at

I hope you will enjoy it
Stefano Vedovelli