[Zope-Annce] ANNOUNCE Berkeley storage 1.0 beta 2 for Zope/ZODB

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Wed, 2 May 2001 12:11:51 -0400

Hello Zope and ZODB users!

The folks at Digital Creations, PythonLabs bring to you the second
beta release of a Berkeley DB based storage for ZODB.  Information
about the Berkeley storage, can be found on the Berkeley storage Wiki


and other ZODB developments can be found on the ZODB Wiki page:


This release of the Berkeley storage package contains the Packless.py
implementation from 1.0beta1 which provides a non-versioning,
non-undoable storage that uses reference counting to eliminate the
need for explicit packs (except in the face of object cycles).  The
1.0beta2 release adds two new storages: Full.py which is a complete
versioning and undoable storage, and Minimal.py which is a rewritten
non-versioning, non-undoable storage that will eventually replace
Packless.py.  Also included is an extensive PyUnit-based test suite.

You must install Sleepycat's Berkeley DB 3.2.9 and Robin Dunn's
PyBSDDB wrapper package.  Berkeley storage 1.0beta2 has been tested
with Python 2.0 and 2.1; it may work with Python 1.5.2 but no decision
yet has been made whether that will be officially supported.

Berkeley storage 1.0beta2 can be installed as a Python distutils
package, and works well with StandaloneZODB distribution:


It, of course, can also be used with Zope, however please read the
release notes concerning undo with the Full.py storage (there's a new
non-destructive undo mechanism called Transactional Undo, which is not
compatible with Zope 2.3.1 -- Full.py should work with Zope 2.3.1 but
you will not be able to undo).

Future development will include the integration of cyclic garbage
detection with Full.py, and the addition of reference counting and
cyclic gc to Minimal.py.  See the ZODB Wiki for other developments.

The release is available here:


Discussions should take place on the zodb-dev@zope.org mailing list.


Barry A. Warsaw
PythonLabs at Digital Creations