[Zope-Annce] Hosting Announcement

Jake Berglund jwb@imeme.net
Thu, 10 May 2001 10:54:23 -0400


iMeme is pleased to announce the most flexible hosting service for Zope.

We offer you:

     - 500 Megabytes of drive space running RAID1 for real time
       redundancy, along with nightly backups of your data.

     - The latest and greatest version of Zope running behind Apache.
       We always make the latest version availiable: the current is 2.3.2.

     - Zope Page Templates 1.2 installed.

     - ZEO: your site is set up with ZEO, so if your site gets extremely
       popular, we can grow you into a cluster easily. ZEO also makes
       manipulating the ZODB easier.

     - Real shell access via ssh. create custom products, write
       External methods, or just write Python.

     - *nix user's paradise: set up cron jobs, run emacs or vim -
       or use x forwarding and run xemacs or gvim. In addition,
       gcc and other development tools are available.

We also offer a professional email suite including:

     - Unlimited IMAP email accounts

     - Unlimited email aliasing for each domain.

     - Unlimited mailing lists with an individual instance of Mailman

We also provide:

     - Unlimited DNS hosting that works seamlessly with our other
       Mailman, email, and Zope.

     - Raw log information from Apache. In addition, we separate
       these log files on a per-domain basis, and then run webalyzer
       against them, so that you can see the performance of each of your

     - Documentation for optimising your services

     - Friendly service, provided by an owner of the company.

All of this for only $40 a month, with no setup fees.


Best Regards,
Jake Berglund <jwb@imeme.net> Online Community Building
http://imeme.net - Affordable Zope Webhosting