[Zope-Annce] Zope Weekly News for May 12th

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Sun, 13 May 2001 02:58:34 -0400

Zope 2.4 coming faster than you'd expect,
Core Session Tracking is good for you,
ZShell for the CLI lover,
Formulator for form manipulation,
and more in this Zope Weekly +1d News

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Upcoming Events

 EuroZope Conference

  The EuroZope crew is organizing a two
  day Zope only conference in Berlin on the 12th
  and 13th of July.

  Those interested in participating should join the
  discussion on the "EuroZope mailinglist",


Zope Shell

  The "Zope Shell",
  is a product that allows you to use unix shell commands to
  manipulate the ZODB from within Zope's management interface.

  It has been under extremely heavy development, and aside from
  letting you do standard unix commands (like ls, cd, mkdir) it has:

  - restart

  - shutdown

  - pack

  - lrole (lists role)

  - mkuf (make user folder)

  - lsprop, delprop, addprop and setprop (all property commands)

  Check it out - though better with a backup, as it can
  "possibly destroy your ZODB's contents when not used correctly".


Core Session Tracking

  "Core Session Tracking",
  allows you to associate data objects with anonymous Zope visitors,
  allowing you to keep state about an anonymous user between request.

  It uses four major components to achieve these ends:

  * Session Id Manager -- This is what determines a remote client's session
    id, contained in a "session token", which can be a form or cookie 
    The way that the session id gets set is configurable by the site
    administrator-  applications that use sessions will not need to know
    how the id is set.

  * Session Data Manager -- This component actually hands session data to
    interested callers. Applications use methods on session data managers
    to get the session objects they care about.

  * Session Data Container -- This is where session data objects are stored.
    Currently, there are two types: "Internal" session data containers
    are RAM-based, while "External" ones are persistent Zope objects.
    Session data containers are also responsible for expiring their
    session data objects, unless the objects are manually invalidated.

  * Session Data Object -- This is what an application actually manipulates,
    once it has been retrieved from a session data manager.  This is
    where the useful information is actually stored.


Zope Status

  by Brian Lloyd


  Marching on 2.4 and opening CVS

Recent News

  Not too much to report this week - most of the major tasks for
  Zope 2.4 on Python 2.1 are either complete or nearly so. We are
  still on target for a May alpha (maybe even earlier than I thought
  originally). You can look at the 2.4 plan to "follow the status of
  the 2.4 track",

  The "Zope CVS Migration",
  project is moving along - we are currently working out the
  requirments for the new repository structure. The needed
  infrastructure for the public CVS should land this week, and
  after that there are a number of documentation and coordination

  In other Fishbowl news, I've finally gotten status assigned to all
  of the current proposals, and done editorial review on nearly all
  of them that were blocked waiting for that. I hope to be caught
  up with all proposals by the end of next week.



 by Martijn Faassen

  On april 30 Formulator 0.9 was released. This is a complete
  reimplementation of ZFormulator. Formulator is a flexible and
  extensible framework for the creation and validation of forms.
  It integrates well with the Zope management interface.
  Online help is provided.

  I'm looking for feedback on Formulator, both from people trying
  to use it as well as people trying to extend it with new fields
  in Python. So if you're curious, please go and "check it out",


Zope Web

   by Ethan Fremen

   Zope.org enhancement

     The Zope.org Collaboration Enhancement has received a lot of work
     this week.  Please consider visiting "the project",
     and letting us know what you think!