[Zope-Annce] Zope Weekly News for May 18th

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Fri, 18 May 2001 23:56:45 -0400

Tired of the Web? Talk to zope in many ways.
Who has the biggest zope? the longest?
Zope 2.4 alpha coming soon, and more Zope.org
information in this week's Zope Weekly News
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Upcoming Events

 EuroZope Conference

  The EuroZope crew is organizing a two
  day Zope only conference in Berlin on the 12th
  and 13th of July.

  Those interested in participating should join the
  discussion on the "EuroZope mailinglist",


Zope in the News

 The Canadian Government, in its Smart Communities
 project, calls Zope a "robust, portable and completely
 browser-based application development framework",


101 ways to talk to your Zope

  There has been discussion for years about how to talk
  with zope and the ZODB in ways other than the standard
  web interface.  Not being just sound and fury, there
  are several products out there that let you approach
  your zope in different and interesting ways:


    * "ZCVSMixin":http://www.zope.org/Members/sspickle/ZCVSMixin

      ZCVSMixin allows the management of zope objects in CVS.
      it recently had a beta release.  The basic idea is that
      you designate folders to be managed via CVS and can then
      use your usual CVS tools to manage them!

    * "Wing IDE + 

      The Wing IDE, a visible-source, extremely reasonably priced IDE
      environment for Python, works well with Zope.
      Essentially, you import a "wingdbstub" in your z2.py and can
      then set breakpoints in the zope code/your code,
      and step through a live, running zope to see how your
      code is behaving.


    * "ZShell":http://www.zope.org/Members/jerome/zshell

      Mentioned last week, ZShell gives you a web-based CLI
      interface to your zope.  Under heavy development,
      the most recent version gives you a "grep" command that
      can not only do regular-expression searches, but
      also replacements.

    * "gnope":http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnope
      A very alpha GNOME client for zope that lets you
      browse and edit Zope via WebDAV

  Don't forget - Zope also comes with FTP and webDAV built in.


Biggest vs. Longest

  There's been some discussion of which zope has been up the longest on the
  Zope list as well as ZopeZen.  Looks like the current record is
  "149 days":http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Mail/msg/zope-List:540619

  Tim Cook has zope running on an "IBM S/390": 
  his Free Practice Management solution for doctors, which, until I hear 
  is the biggest hardware running Zope.

  As a side note, you really don't want to be there when PythonLabs folks
  start comparing dicts...


Zope Status

  by Brian Lloyd


  Marching on 2.4, opening CVS, API documentation

Recent News

  We are planning for a Zope 2.4 alpha the week of May 21 - nearly
  all of the major tasks for Zope 2.4 on Python 2.1 are either
  complete or in the testing / wrapping up phase. You can look at
  the 2.4 plan to "follo----


  by Martijn Faassen

  On april 30 Formulator 0.9 was released. This is a complete
  reimplementation of ZFormulator. Formulator is a flexible and
  extensible framework for the creation and validation of forms.
  It integrates well with the Zope management interface.
  Online help is provided.

  I'm looking for feedback on Formulator, both from people trying
  to use it as well as people trying to extend it with new fields
  in Python. So if you're curious, please go and "check it out",
w the status of the 2.4 track",

  Some of the tasks completed this week include the "extended
  DTML sorting capability",
  and "sequence variable prefixes",

  The "Zope CVS Migration",
  project is moving along. We have worked out and captured the
  requirements and design for the repository structure and we have
  the basic CVS infrastructure in place. There are a number of
  documentation and coordination tasks left, but most of the
  hard decisions have been. Now its a matter of working the

  In other Fishbowl news, the guys in Portland are working on "an
  effort to produce / improve documentation for the Zope API",

  Please visit the project area and add your two cents! A big part
  of "getting the documentation right" is hearing from you about
  what is currently wrong.


Zope Web

   by Ethan Fremen

   "Zope.org enhancement",

    CMFWiki, an attempt to make Wiki pages participate in the CMF, is 
    There is a new "MockUp",
    of navigation and control elements for the new zope.org. Does it suck?
    I've also done some work putting together Actors and Goals to try to 
    the Use Cases that are relevant for zope.org.

  Kill HTML Mail

    There is a proposal out there to reject mail formatted in html that 
gets sent
    to the list. I can change things so that any html mail that gets sent 
to the
    list is rejected with a message that states that the lists do not accept
    HTML mail.  If you think it should be that way, send an "email to 
    with the subject "no html mail". If you think that the behaviour should
    stay the same, "email the webmaster",
    with the subject "ok html mail"