[Zope-Annce] Zope Training and Certification

Rob Page Rob Page" <rob.page@zope.com
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 15:09:46 -0500

Zope Corporation is pleased to announce two substantial
initiatives to enhance Zope's market penetration and create
additional opportunity for all companies participating in
the Zope marketplace:

o National/International Zope training

o Zope Certification Program

Zope Corporation and its partners will conduct training
courses and seminars throughout the world in 2002. We will
ensure that Zope training and materials are available
througout the world and in as many languages as possible.

The training effort will be extended with the development of
a Zope Certification Program (ZCP). While certifications are
no substitute for experience, they are the most standardized
measure of expertise in the information management
field. The ZCP will provide a tested measure of
competence. Organizations from the Fortune 500 to small
businesses will be able to rely on this standard as a
measure of expertise.

The first Zope training courses in this program have been
scheduled for January 28-31, 2001 in Herndon, VA (near
Washington, DC and Dulles International Airport.  This
training will prepare students for the ZCP and will cover
the latest additions to Zope and the Zope Content Management
Framework (CMF) including Zope Presentation Templates and

The courses are scheduled as follows:

-  January 28-30, 2002 (Mon., Tues., Wed.)
     Zope 101: Hands-On Technical Introduction to Zope

-  January 31, 2002 (Thurs.)
     Zope 201: Hands-On Advanced Zope Topics

Special topics will be presented by Jim Fulton (CTO,Zope
Corporation) and Guido van Rossum (Director, PythonLabs).

Pricing for these courses is as follows:

 - Registration and payment received *before* 12/1/2001: $1495

 - Registration and payment received *before* 12/21/2001: $1995

 - Registration and payment received *after* 12/21/2001: $2495

If you would like to attend these sessions please contact
Kathy Irwin at Zope Corporation.  Kathy can be reached at

Additional details on the ZCP (slated for availability in
the second quarter of 2002) will be available early 2002.

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