[Zope-Annce] zwiki 0.9.7 released

Simon Michael zwiki@zwiki.org
Fri, 23 Nov 2001 19:16:20 -0800

Aha, found the bug that was preventing my zope.org news announcements
from being cataloged.

This shall be the.. "Peaceful Mountain" release. Please enjoy in good
health.  All bug reports and assistance appreciated.


0.9.7 2001-11-23

	* another zwikiwebs change. The 'Add ZWiki Web' form now looks
	for wiki templates in both the filesystem (.../ZWiki/wikis/) and
	the ZODB (/Control_Panel/Products/ZWiki/), with filesystem taking
	precedence. The zwikidotorg template is shipped (via filesystem)
	as the default; additional templates can be installed in either
	place, or not, at user discretion.  Auto-import of zexp's has been
	disabled. (credits-to: CMFWiki)

	* new comment method added, just like append but convenient for
	adding standard comment headings
	* misc wikimail & comment heading tweaks; mail-outs now discard
	the comment heading if present; don't display fractional seconds
	in comment headings (credits-to: 1Jerry)

	* stopped antidecapitationkludge appearing in html source; no
	longer used in 2.4

	* misc 2.4 compatibility updates; added workaround to disable
	stxNG's footnote links on 2.4
	* zwikidotorg template: UserOptions cleanup; added workaround for
	zope 2.4.x-2.4.2's stx underline problem; added site logo option &
	* automatic cataloging is supported again. Currently, the
	DTMLDocumentExt product is assumed to be present. It's
	SITE_CATALOG property is required to activate this.
	(credits-to: DTMLDocumentExt)
	* textDiff now reports more localised changes, instead of spraying
	out the whole page; misc diff tweaks & fixes
	(credits-to: ndiff/difflib)

	* long lines are wrapped before diffing, and long diff chunks are
	abbreviated, for better readability in email. Currently it
	displays up to 10 deleted lines and up to 50 added lines.
	(credits-to: Hamish Lawson's TextFormatter)

	* lasttext and the diff methods accept one or more revision arguments
	(counted backwards from the latest revision).

	* the old html-format diff has been demoted to oldDiff. The new one
	colourizes textDiff's output and adds whizzy navigation links for
	stepping through the edits. (Click on the page timestamp).

	* zwikidotorg template: automatic comment headings now available
	on all pages and enabled by default on *Discussion pages; 
	horizontal rules now used
	* zwikidotorg template: header & footer tweaks; don't display 
	ip address for last editor

	* zwikidotorg template: subscribe form email address integrated
	with UserOptions

	* improved default subscribe form's layout; remember email address
	via cookie if possible