[Zope-Annce] exUserFolder now has I18N support

Andrew Kenneth Milton akm@theinternet.com.au
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 15:13:38 +1000

exUserFolder now allows installing and operating in different languages, using
ZBabel as the I18N product.

ZBabel is not required for operation, XUF will install a dummy set of ZBabel
support tags if it detects that ZBabel is not installed.

Currently we are waiting for some volunteers to complete translations for
various languages, which will be made available seperately.

More importantly the icon for XUF has changed to something more recognisable
as a Folder icon. The users are still daemons though.

exUserFolder: http://www.zope.org/Members/TheJester/exUserFolder/
      ZBabel: http://www.zope.org/Members/srichter/Products/ZBabel/
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