[Zope-Annce] Zope News for October 1, 2001

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
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The Zope News for October 1, 2001

by Chris McDonough (chrism@zope.com)

(also available online at 

Welcome to the Zope News!  The top stories this time around include:
Zope 2.4.1 final released, Zope's CVS repository opened up to
community contribution, Zope security bug found and fixed, Zope wins
WebTechniques Web Tools award, OzZope gets going, and Zope.org Member
areas need some attention.

And now for something completely different...

Front Matter

   This is a two-week-belated release of the Zope News, which means it
   covers the entire month of September plus a day.

   I believe I speak for Zope Corporation and the Zope community in
   extending condolences to the people who lost friends and family in
   the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon on September 11.  These
   events serve to remind us how small we really are as well as to
   remind us how large a difference just one person can make.
   Hopefully we will gather strength from our communities, recover, and
   welcome better days in due time.

Zope Core Software Development and Releases

   The final Zope 2.4.1 release was put up for download on September 4.
   It's available from http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope/2.4.1 .

   The venerable Zope "Collector" bug tracker has been down for several
   weeks due to a hard disk crash in which most of the issue data was
   lost.  Ken Manheimer has established a new project to get a
   replacement online tout suite.  It's available at
   http://www.zope.org//Wikis/DevSite/Projects/CollectorReplacement .
   The Collector is dead!  Long live the Collector!

Software Development Proposals and Projects

   Michael Bernstein's SecurityJihad proposal has changed its name to
   SecurityCleanup due to recent events.  It can be seen at

   Richard Jones' work on a proposal for a "Batteries Included"
   distribution of Zope for Mac OS X and Windows
   has sparked many peoples' interest.  A discussion seems ready to
   ensue on the Zope Packagers' mail list
   ( http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-packagers/ ).

   The ComponentArchitecture development project
   ( http://www.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ComponentArchitecture )
   is probably the proposal most likely to have a visible impact on
   Zope.  Many comments have been gathered within its Wiki this month.

   Two "Enterprise Zope" proposals were released by myself which deal
   with extending Zope's "forensic" logging capabilities to include
   data like memory usage and CPU utilization
   ( http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Proposals/ExtendedForensicLogging )
   as well as an additional proposal about "tolerating" memory leaks
   and Zope "hangs" in production
   ( http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Proposals/ToleratingHangsAndLeaks 

   A proposal for "pluggable" splitter implementations for the ZCatalog
   was created by Andreas Jung.  Having pluggable splitters could make
   the task of cataloging of non-English text much easier.

   Brian Lloyd is championing a proposal for allowing mappings to be
   created on a per-Folder basis between content types and file

   Matt Kromer has gotten busy developing a proposal for extending the
   default Zope user folder to better handle local roles.

Security Notices

   A new security hotfix for Zopes 2.2.0 - 2.4.1 was released on
   October 1.  The issue solved by the hotfix involves the "fmt"
   attribute of dtml-var tags. Without the hotfix, Zope does not check
   security access to methods invoked through "fmt". This issue could
   allow partially trusted users with enough knowledge of Zope to call,
   in a limited way, methods they would not otherwise be allowed to
   access.  It is recommended that those running the effected versions
   of Zope apply the hotfix.

   For more information and to download the fix, visit

Documentation Development and Releases

   Pierre-Julien Grizel and Olivier Deckmyn's book "Zope" (in French,
   Eyrolles) has been available for some time now (since July it
   seems), but its had not even the inkling of a mention in the Zope
   News.  Let's fix that: http://zope.editions-eyrolles.com/ .  Looks
   like a good (and long!) one for all you French-speaking Zopers.

   Nicolas Pettiaux is launching a project to translate the Zope Book
   into French.  He's looking for folks who want to help.  He has a
   Source Forge project set up at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zopedocfr/

   Someone has translated the Zope Content Manager's Guide (ancient, I
   say!) to Italian.  http://www.zope.org/Members/ubik-art/wiki/ZCMG-it

News Summaries

   Seb Bacon and John Edwards cry for help doing CMF list summaries:

    "Jon and I could really do with some help from anyone with any time
    who's interested in the CMF.  It's quite time-consuming, and I
    think we've only managed one summary in the last 6 weeks.  Thing
    is, I don't think anyone's really got the time, and this is always
    going to be a problem with this kind of effort."

   If you've got the time, please give them a hand in summarizing CMF
   maillist traffic.

   The Zope-dev maillist summary was also not released this month.

Zope Corporation Goings-On

   After much attention to lawyering, Zope Corporation has opened up
   the Zope source code CVS repository to external contributions!  This
   is a momentous occasion in Zope development.  Until now, checkin
   privlege to the Zope source code was held solely by members of Zope

   Individuals from an initial seed group were extended the opportunity
   to have CVS checkin access.  Folks who are known to have accepted
   the invitation are Steve Alexander, Chris Withers, Andy McKay and
   Stephan Richter.  It's likely that ZC will work out the kinks in the
   external contribution process using the members of this initial seed

   Committers can make checkins to both Zope and the CMF.

   Information about the process of becoming a contributor is available
   from http://dev.zope.org/CVS/ContributorFAQ .  Guidelines for new
   committers are available from
   http://dev.zope.org/CVS/CommitterGuidelines .  A more general
   description of the Zope development process is available from
   http://www.zope.org/CVS/ZopeDevelopmentProcess .  A general
   description of the same data for CMF is available from
   http://dev.zope.org/CVS/CMFProcedures .

   In case you couldn't tell, we're very excited to be allowing direct
   community contributions to the CVS repository!

   Tres Seaver is the Zope Track chair of the 10th Annual International
   Python Conference ( http://www.python10.com/ ), in Washington DC,
   happening in Frebruary.  Sign up for the conference early and meet
   all the Python and Zope folks!  (Be warned that there's a small
   extra charge not covered by the conference admission to actually
   view the live Tim Peters, however.)

EuroZope Goings-On

   The http://www.eurozope.org website appears to be misbehaving at the
   moment, so I'm unable to tell if anything has changed.  (Cop out!)

Zope Sightings

   There was a long string of messages on comp.lang.python midmonth
   that dealt with the "suitability" of Zope for large corporate
   websites and extranets.  A near flamewar ensued over something
   almost unrelated to Zope, but when that was over, lots of folks
   praised Zope and some took the opportunity to slight it for various
   reasons.  Search groups.google.com for zope on Sep. 7 - 10.

   Zope won WebTechniques Magazine's 2001 Web Tools Readers Choice
   award in the category "Infrastructure", sharing the somewhat bizarre
   stage with editors' choice Mac OS X and Honorable Mentionee IBM's
   DB2.  http://www.webtechniques.com/wtawards/2001/

   Two new sites about Zope have sprouted up this month: Zope Forum
   ( http://www.zope-forum.org ) and MetaZope
   ( http://pluggable.metazope.org/metazope ).  The former is a PHP site
   run by EasyNet, and appears to be a site that allows discussion
   *about* various Zope maillists.  The latter is a spiffy-looking CMF
   site that doesn't have much content yet, but looks great.

   The venerable ZopeZen weblog site ( http://www.zopezen.org ) run by
   Andy McKay has had a brain transplant.  Whereas before, ZopeZen was
   run on Squishdot, it is now powered by CMF.  It also makes CMF look

   OzZope ( http://www.ozzope.org ) is a new Australian Zope regional
   advocacy site.  Its keepers have this to say about the site:

     "OzZope.org provides a new site for the emerging Zope community in
     Australia.  Join in the development of a growing community
     focussed on bring the benefits of Zope to a range of application
     areas and a collective Zen"

   There was a meeting of the DC Zope/Python User's Group (ZPugDC) on
   Sept 26 at which Guido presented new features of Python.  I was
   supposed to bring a projector.  I shamefully forgot about the
   meeting entirely, and 30 - 40 people were forced to cram into a room
   built for 10 to get a look at Guido's presentation as a result.  I
   heard it went well.  Many, many heartfelt apologies to everybody
   that was crammed in there.  I really, really, royally screwed up and
   I feel awful.  :-( More information about ZPug and the Sept 26
   meeting is available from http://www.zpug.org

Zope.org Meta Matter

   The Zope.org website had its best month (by volume) since the heady
   days of March.  5,218,317 hits were recorded to the site in the
   month of September.  Webalizer traffic statistics output for the
   systems that make up www.zope.org is available at
   http://ns1.zope.org:82/ .  I suspect this may be at least partly the
   result from being linked from a few high-profile media sites in

   It's rumored that a demo version of the new Zope.org software that's
   been so widely discussed
   will be showing up Real Soon Now.

   NOTE!  As a result of the migration to the CMF version of Zope.org,
   some object types that exist on the current Zope.org will not exist
   on the new site.  Most of the content in Member folders will be
   migrated to the new Zope.org automatically, but some items (such as
   DTML methods, XML Documents, and ZTopics) will be intentionally
   "left behind".  If you've made use of a Zope.org Member area, to
   ensure that all of your data is migrated, you may wish to read
   Martijn Pieter's pronoucement on the matter and act accordingly:

Zope.org Almanac

   The Zope.org Almanac lists select new or updated content spotted on 
Zope.org since the last release of the Zope News.

   Selected News Items

     Bug-Fix for PackageProduct patch


     ZUG Switzerland Kick-Off Powhow


     ZShrink demonstration/bug tracking site and new release


     zOpen Directory 0.3 released (new product)


     ZMySQLDA-2.0.8 Released


     ZUserFolder 0.8.1 Released


     Searchable External Objects (PDF's,MS-Word and more)


     Australian Zope UserGroup - first meeting


     ZQuest 1.0.0 beta 2 was just released


     Wing IDE 1.1b7 + Zope


     PatchKit bugfix


     exUserFolder has been updated for 2.4


     World Trade Center Collapse: photos from eGenius


     MatLab DA & Method Released


     Latex Method 0.1.0 released


     Graph Method 0.1.0 released


     Membership, CMF and exUserFolder collide.


     NIP Launches Personal Zope Hosting Option


     Zope training in Paris, France, Oct. 15-18


     Localizer 0.6.1 released


     MetaPublisher 1.2.6 released


   Selected Updated or New How-Tos

     Dtml-tree update


     Automatically export folders using cron


     Automatically compress Data.fs using cron


     Protect Manage Access Using RewriteRule


     Debugging Zope with Wing IDE: Installation and Setup


     Debugging Zope Products with Wing IDE: A Tutorial


     Setting up Zope as FastCGI under Apache on Debian


     Configure Apache Virtual Hosts and Zope using SiteRoot


     Only one index_html


     kernel: table is full (english)


     Installing Zope-Perl on Debian


     Advanced Production Site Setup with ZEO


     Virtual Hosts via Apache (but nearly all content in Zope)


     How-To connect to a WinNT-MSSQLServer from a Linux-Zope


     Yet Another FastCGI How-To: single-server, no virtual hosting, Zope 
serves root content


   Selected New Or Updated Software Products

     Portail Pour Tous (Portal For All)




     Photo and Photo Folder






     MySQL Database Documentation


     SQL Blender


     Structured Text Document


     ZClasses to Python Products


     DBObjects R2O-mapping framework


     Znolk SQL Wizard: A Wizard that creates forms for manipulating SQL data


     CMF-friendly Audio object








     Replicated FileStorage






     Zope Cascading StyleSheets


     My Media Manager


     CMF-based PropertyManager-like objects


     Psycopg Zope Postgres Database Adapter


     CMF-based MailMessage and MailFolder objects


     CMF-based Address Book


     ZBabel Translation System


     KebasData: grabs data from any URL


     Zope Controller GUI


     GenericUserFolder (GUF)


     Radius-based User Folder implementation


     Zope Chat example product


     User Manager


     Zope Unicode Support


     MailHost Bcc HotFix


     Quick & Easy Zope Portal


     Navigable Folder


     Datagrok Document




     Extensible User Folder


Zope@Zope.org Mail List Summary for Sep 1 - 30

   People can't get enough of drinking from the firehose that is the
   Zope@Zope.org mail list!  There've been roughly a bazillion messages
   posted since August 31, 2001 (the day of the last Zope News).
   Selected interesting messages and threads include those below.

   Jan-Frode Myklebust asks about database connection pooling and
   a lively discussion ensues:


   Leland Myrick inquires if Zope can and should be used in an
   inventorying system.  Somebody says no!:


   Mitchell Modell kicks off the seemingly monthly discussion about
   HTTP basic auth and why some browsers show the rendered version of a
   page instead of a management screen:


   Jerome Alet answers Robert Rotterman's question about how to upload
   a batch of files.  Some discussion about alternate mechanisms


   Darran Edmundson asks when to opt for a "backend DB" over
   ZClasses and gets some weaselly (but correct!) answers:


   Tony McDonald asks about load balancing with ZEO/Apache on Solaris
   and gets a wealth of information out of Sean Upton and others:


   Trevor Toenjes asks if there's a way to capture a referring URL that
   is not subject to fakery and gets a thumbs down.


   Mitch Pirtle asks how to do distributed development with Zope and gets
   answers ranging from skins to CVSMixin.


   Chris Withers asks which is better for Zope, MySQL or PostgreSQL.
   The unavoidable ensues:


   alex@quad.com.ar asks how to use ZPT with DreamWeaver and gets the
   obvious answer first (use file extensions, even though they're
   unnecessary in Zope):


   Dan Shafer asks the ever-fun "when does the ZODB run out of steam"
   question, and I do my best to answer:


   Vincenzo Di Somma announces his company's OpenFlow workflow engine,
   and this kicks off (of all things!) a discussion about how sad
   Zope.org's search feature is:


   Kevin Lewandowski asks if there is any way to emulate Apache's "deny
   from" directive using ZServer only and gets some really weird and
   useful answers (I just would have said no):


   Trevor Toenjes kicks off a discussion about using click-stream
   analsys tools with Zope.


   David Lutz wonders why Netcraft delisted so many Zope sites in


   Kerekes Lajos wonders how he can use ZCatalog with non-English text.
   Much discussion about the ZCatalog "splitter" follows:


   Tres Seaver asks for submissions for papers for the 10th annual
   International Python Conference "Zope Track":


   Sean Upton talks about scaling media sites after the September 11
   disaster causes high hit rates on many folks' servers.


   Marc Lindahl asks about steering ZServer startup messages to
   syslog and gets some tips:


   BwanaZulia imparts his wisdom on the design of Zope


End Matter

   The opinions expressed in Zope News are solely the authors', and not
   the opinions of Zope Corporation, The Zope Community at-large, or
   the Spanish Inquisition.

   If you or your company are doing something interesting with Zope,
   please submit a blurb to Zope Weekly News for possible inclusion by
   emailing Chris McDonough ( mailto:chrism@zope.com ).

   For prior editions of the Zope News, see

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