[Zope-Annce] Zope Controller GUI Windows 1.0 release

Richard Jones richard@bizarsoftware.com.au
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:34:44 +1000

Bizar Software is pleased to make available the first release of their Zope 
Controller GUI for Windows. All functionality is present, but the 
documentation is lacking. This release is definitely only for people who know 
their way around their Windows Zope installation. Please read the 
installation notes (such that they are) carefully!

The Windows Zope Controller is a Graphical User Interface for Windows which 
allows user-friendly control of a Zope server on the local machine. This is a 
modified version of the controller we will ship with the next version of our 
Bizar Shop software product. The modification involves the removal of some 
Shop-specific code that simply doesn't apply to Zope. Screenshots are 
available at Bizar Software's website (though they are quite out of date at
the moment, sorry.)

Zope Controller information and download:
Bizar Software: