[Zope-Annce] Zope's ZPublisher Client meets Python's CGIHTTPServer!!

Joseph Wayne Norton norton@alum.mit.edu
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 23:54:16 +0900


Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do everything in
Zope. Sometimes, one needs to interface with another webserver and/or
an external cgi program.

The ZPublisher Client included with the standard zope distribution
fetches and returns pages using the http protocol. This product
extends the ZPublisher Client in the following directions:

 * adds "https://" support if your python has been built and installed
   with the "Socket module compiled with SSL support" option.

 * adds "file://" external CGI program support by subclassing (and
   modifing some behavior of) the
   CGIHTTPServer.CGIHTTPRequestHandler included in the standard
   python library. This handler allows zope to fork (non-fork
   methods are available for non-unix platforms) a child process
   for executing and returning the result of an external CGI

 * adds a new "helper" method ProxyClient to be used when the
   ZPublisher Client is acting as a proxy for the original zope
   request. ProxyClient will extract information from the zope
   request object (if given as an argument) and then invoke the
   normal Client method with the extracted information. The
   extracted information includes items such as the request method,
   form data, cookies, REMOTE_ADDR, REMOTE_HOST, etc.

Please see
for further details.