[Zope-Annce] ANNOUNCE: New Zope product: zOpen Directory.

Luistxo Fernandez Luistxo@eibar.org
Thu, 6 Sep 2001 10:03:37 +0200

zOpen Directory lets you integrate the whole content of the Open Directory Project (ODP, http://dmoz.org) into your Zope website. It's a remote parser. So no database has to be downloaded. Each click or query is sent to Dmoz.org, and results are parsed and recreated for Zope.

This product lets the website developer to seemlessly integrate into a website the very same WWW directory that uses Google. Compare these resources:

* Python resources in Google.

* Python resources in zOpen Directory demo.

* Python resources in a given Zope site (Bagera.net, interface in Basque).

Product page: http://www.codesyntax.com/Services/Zopendir/
Download from Zope.org: http://www.zope.org/Members/CodeSyntax/zOpenDirectory

zOpen Directory makes use of two other Zope products, the PathHandler and Localizer. Thanks to this tool, we have prepared a multilingual version available simultaneously in the following languages: English, Basque, Spanish, French, Dutch, Catalan, German and Italian.


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