[Zope-Annce] Zope Controller GUI 1.1.0 (Mac OS X) released

Richard Jones richard@bizarsoftware.com.au
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:36:49 +1000

Bizar Software is pleased to make available a first release of their Zope 
Controller GUI for Mac OS X. This release should be considered a development 
release - it's only been tested very lightly.

This is a modified version of the GUI controller we will ship with the next 
version of our Bizar Shop software product. The modification involves the 
removal of some Shop-specific code that simply doesn't apply to Zope. 

Currently, only the Mac OS X version is available, and unfortunately only in 
binary form. Potential users *must* read the license (hey, it's really short) 
and the installation instructions!

The code will be released under an open-source license (very much like the 
binary release license) just as soon as I figure how to do that sanely. 
Definitely will be coming though!

Information and download:


Richard Jones, richard@bizarsoftware.com.au
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