[Zope-Annce] exUserFolder support RADIUS and SMB

Andrew Kenneth Milton akm@theinternet.com.au
Sat, 29 Sep 2001 21:48:19 +1000

exUserFolder now support authentication over SMB and RADIUS, out of the box.
RADIUS support is thanks to Stuart Bishop, whose ZRadius product I plundered.

SMB does not require smb_pam or any other external modules to function, thanks
to pySMB from Michael Teo. This should work for NT or UNIX users (or any
platform that supports TCP/IP and Python).

These new authentication methods are early, and don't feature things such
as credential caching as yet, but, we'd like to get some testing up on them
first before we do that.

exUserFolder now support 6 methods of authentication in the basic download;

o smb 
o Postgresql
o File Based
o User Supplied (similar to GUF)

There are also three other authentication sources offered by 3rd parties.

exUserFolder currently supports attaching ad-hoc and formal attaching of
properties to Users, and allows properties to be stored via postgresql,
CMF or in the ZODB, with a generic SQL property source in the works.

Sources are easy to create. Anyone with some knowledge of python should be 
able to create their own Authentication Source in under an hour.

More information is currently available from 

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