[Zope-Annce] Plone Lite - the easy, teen-age New York version!

Marc Lindahl marc@bowery.com
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 13:49:37 -0400

Plone Lite - the easy, teen-age New York version!

Do you really like PLONE, but can't quite approach it's statistical density?
Well, then Plone Lite is for you!

If you have some old sites based on Zope 2.3.3 and CMF 1.1 or 1.1b, and you
don't want to try to port the site to 2.5 and the real plone, or can't deal
with all the broken code, then try this skin.

If you still like the speed and excellent integration of DTML, then this
skin is for you.

If you're lazy and want to slap a new face on your tired old site (after
all, wasn't that the point of skins??), then this skin is for you!

If you like to try unsupported open source hacks, this skin is for you :)


I have a few sites based on zope 2.3.3 and CMF1.1 and 1.1b. I tried to port
them over to Zope2.5/CMF1.2 but was faced with massive refactoring of my
DTML. Finally I gave up - for now. That, plus the reports of ZPT being 4x as
slow as DTML, and of ZPT+Plone being 10x as slow as DTML - why did I buy a
faster computer?? So, I discovered the initial Plone skin on the plone.org
site, and hacked it until it's basically a drop-in skin.

Available here:  http://www.zope.org/Members/bowerymarc/plone_lite