[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.13 released

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 08:28:48 -0800

Zwiki version 0.13.0 is out.  Bugfixes, more solid CMF & Plone support,
wikimail enhancements, skins re-organization.

Download: http://zwiki.org or http://zope.org/Members/simon/ZWiki 
and check http://zwiki.org/KnownIssues .

Happy holidays,

Zwiki 0.13.0 2002-12-01


	Bugfixes, more solid CMF & Plone support, wikimail enhancements,
	skins re-organization.

    Upgrade notes

	If you have mailin set up and find replies going to the default
	page instead of the originating page, see IssueNo0376.



	* rename CMFInstall.py to cmf_install_zwiki.py

	* CMF skin support. zwiki_cmf is a lightweight CMF skin for zwiki;
	zwiki_orig is a CMF skin that looks like zwiki's standard UI

	* fix edit permission in CMF (IssueNo0366)

	* fix a timezones error when in CMF

	* make wiki folder & page management work in cmf/plone

	* catalog lookup changed: look for a CMF portal_catalog;
	look for SITE_CATALOG on page and containing folder only

	* when creating a Wiki Page in CMF, allow the standard_page_type
	folder property to control it's page_type.

	* hide user options when in CMF

	* look up destination page in the recipient's real name (first); 
	mailouts will encode the source page in the reply-to's real name.
	This should make addressing and replying more natural.

	* allow subject headings in mail and web comments. (To set the subject
	from a web comment, use an initial one-line paragraph that is bold
	(using '** or < b>') and no longer than 100 characters.)
	Subjects are saved as edit log note and vice versa.

	* generate a mailout when pages are created

	* mailin page creation fixes

	* mailin: handle freeform page names

	* mailin: work even when default page is not found, as long as
	there's at least one wiki page in the folder.

	* mailin: add some failure logging

	* look for 'mailin_policy' property instead of 'posting_policy';
	the latter is still supported but deprecated

	* don't use < hr> in comment headings

      Skins and wiki content

	* clean out & reorganize templates and default content under
	skins, content

	* new unified RecentChanges implementation; use SITE_CATALOG,
	remove hard-coded zwiki.org

	* wiki links to pages with accented names (and freeform names in
	general if standard_error_message is not present ?) were not working

	* parent wiki links were generating an error

	* workaround for zope 2.6 stx+dtml breakage (IssueNo0270)

	* fix for "some permissions had errors" (IssueNo0358)

	* fix title changing in ZMI Edit tab (IssueNo0280)

	* increase the added and removed lines truncation limits for diffs
	and mailouts (to 200 and 20 lines respectively)

	* ZWikiPage class initialization fix; fixes an event log file
	warning (and.. ?)

	* auto-upgrade WikiForNow pages

	* log messages at BLATHER priority instead of DEBUG, and don't
	require the Z_DEBUG_MODE or ZWIKI_DEBUG variable any more