[Zope-Annce] Plone 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released!

Alexander Limi limi@plone.org
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 23:21:22 +0100

As Christmas draws closer, we are proud to announce the first Release 
Candidate for Plone.  If we get positive feedback from this release and 
migrations are smooth - this will be 1.0!

Get the latest Plone from http://plone.org/download and help us locate any 
remaining bugs.

What is Plone?
Plone is a Content Management System based on Zope Corporation's Content 
Management Framework. It combines a stable base with an attractive, 
lightweight and easy-to-use User Interface, and has quickly become one of 
the leading Open Source Content Management Systems.

What are the differences between the betas and RC1?
- Plone comes with an i18n folder with approximately 20 languages (please 
co-ordinate with the "i18n effort":/development/i18n to add your language). 
These are pre-installed in the Windows installer package.
- Xopus was removed (will possibly be available as an add-on later); we 
have kept XSDHTMLEditor but will be removing it as 1.1 comes and we can 
move it to an add-on.
- Lots of bug fixes.  Small feature enhancements (filename staying in form 
if validation fails) and usability issues addressed.
- migration machinery has been updated and hopefully you should have no 
problems migrating from any beta release to RC1. - RC1 is being run on 
plone.org with great results.

Near future
Plone is gathering a healthy community around it.  The focus in the near 
future will be documentation and a stable 1.0 release. Plone is already 
being used all over the world for many different purposes. Please mail us 
at plone-users@lists.sourceforge.net about your experiences.  We are now 
preparing the final announcements, finishing touches and installer 
integration, and watching the issue collector at http://plone.org/collector 
for any issues reported.

To upgrade
- Do a full backup (Both the products dir and Data.fs).
- Delete the CMFPlone directory and replace with the new one.
- Enter your Plone site via the ZMI (http://myplonesite:8080/manage).
- Add a Plone Migration tool if there isn't one displayed already - the 
name should be portal_migration (Add a Plone Tool -> Migration Tool).
- Enter the portal_migration tool and double check that the version 
displayed is correct (You can override the settings if you know that you 
have a different version).
- Click the "Click here to migrate" link.
- Voilá - your Plone site should be up to date. Please report any errors to 

Download and test
Download Plone RC1 from http://plone.org/download and help us find any 
remaining bugs. The final release will hopefully be out by the end of this 
month, or early next month. We wish everybody a nice holiday, and look 
forward to making year 2003 the Year of Plone. :)

Alexander Limi