[Zope-Annce] NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a2 released - finally we get User Management Tool ;-)

Wankyu Choi wankyu@neoqst.com
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 05:17:58 +0900

Hi everybody,

I'm pleased to announce that NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a2 is now

Most notable in this new version is a couple of new content types plus a
powerful user management tool. I've been dying for a user management
tool and finally wrote one up during X-mas holidays :-)

To name a few new goodies:

(i) **NeoPortal User Manager Tool** has been added. With this tool,
managers can search for users, edit their properties, disable their
accounts or even delete their accounts, etc. In a word, managers can do
whatever they can with portal members. Just visit
'your_portal_url/neoportal_usermanager' and everything will be

(i) All content types can now render 'description' values as they would
'text' : 'getRenderedNeoPortalContentDescription' method added. Visit
http://www.zoper.net/Downloads to see what it can do.

(i) New Content Type 'NeoPortal Ordered Folder' added: direct descendent
of 'NeoPortal Element Container' that supports batch creation of
external file/image/media elements ( 'NeoPortal Article' now inherits
from 'NeoPortal Ordered Folder' ). You can create your photo album, file
archive, document library in a few seconds with this type of folder.

(i) 'NeoPortal External Image/Media' and their 'Element(s)' counterparts
added: all support batch creation via 'NeoPortal Ordered Folder'

(i) 'NeoPortalExternalFile/NeoPortalExternalAccessTool' now checks
'external_file_bases' property in the 'neoportal_properties' tool first

(i) Better handling of i18n

This version of **NeoPortal Content Pak** requires **NeoPortal Library
0.9a2 or higher**, which fixes all the outstanding bugs in **NeoPortal
Content Pak**.

You may upgrade your previous version of **NeoPortal Content Pak**
simply by re-running the External Method you used for installing the
product. Read the 'UPGRADE.txt' for more info.

A lot has changed in NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a2. Any feedback is
welcome ;-)

- Home: http://www.zoper.net

- Downloads: http://www.zoper.net/Downloads

Enjoy! (8)

p.s. For those who may wonder what this product is all about...
NeoPortal Content Pak is a collection of new ( and a bit more powerful )
content types and tools for CMFPlone sites. If you don't use CMFPlone,
skip this product ;-)

p.s.2 This version of NeoPortal Content Pak has been tested with Plone

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