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Chris Abraham cja@dds.nl
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 22:45:44 -0800 (PST)


ZPugDC <http://www.zpug.org> Mailing List Died and Rose Again!

Well, it used to be quite a fine Mailing List. And it shall be again. First
things first, though.

Python Motivated Me!

I was so motivated by last week's Python 10 conference that I got my hands
dirty and with Jon and Ethan's help (thanks iMeme for the free hosting  of the
ZPug) I have the list up and all the old names in there.

(Yes, I am giving up being ZPug-lazy for Lent, if you really must know . . .)

ZPug.org was never down, but the list, our lifeblood, was. To get straight to
the list, check out DC-Gen  <http://lists.zpug.org/mailman/listinfo/dc-gen/>,
realising that I am in the process of building a franchising operation  wherein
all the ZPugs, the PiGs, the ZUGs, the Pugs, and the PZigs can have  either a
for real home or a referral to the official site.

Franchising Opportunities

If you need a Mailing List for your local Zope User Group, Python User Group,
or ZPug? I have one for you. Just ask. Same thing if you need web  space. It
will be a subweb off the Zpug site, but we'll learn to share the  fridge.

Next Gen Zpug is a Community Wonderland

So, the next step is the ZPug Community CMF. I will be enlisting your help
(those who offered) this upcoming week.

It was wicked cool seeing all you all who were there for the Python 10
conference. Also, thank you Miss Joya for hosting the last ZPug meeting  and
Andrew for winning the Gold and speaking at the last meeting as well.

Chris Abraham
beehive North America

chris abraham <chrisabraham@yahoo.com> +1 202-452-7442 tel
po box 15163 washington, dc 20003-0163 +1 703-995-0409 fax

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