[Zope-Annce] Open FISTS 1.0 released first on Zope.org!

Isaac Levy isaac@structuredsystems.net
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:28:55 -0500

[Open Flash Information Structural Templating System]

Just in time to document all the new features of your product and Zope 
2.5.1 beta, Open FISTS!

Open FISTS was created to provide a framework for documentation of 
software products and ideas.

This template is being released first to the Zope community at large, as 
a simple way to document new and existing products, on all levels.

It is very simply a template for use with Macromedia Flash, a common and 
extremely useful visualization tool, with many differet ways of creating 
and editing visual information.  The template contains a wide set of 
Zope 2.4 era Icons, as well as the icons from Apache 1.3

PRODUCT DEVELOPERS- Please email me the icons for your product so I can 
include them in the next release! (one month from now!)

And feel free to email me sets of other visual/archtectural/structural 
gliphs- you know, the standard stuff used to make great software 
diagrams- and I'll include them as sets too!

   Isaac Levy
+ Office of Structured Systems