[Zope-Annce] Virtual Host Folder beta 0.2.0

Gary Poster garyposter@earthlink.net
Tue, 1 Jan 2002 19:26:11 -0800

The VirtualHostFolder product, based on some nuts and bolts of the
Virtual Host Monster by Evan Simpson and modified by iMeme, provides tools
modifying the traversal of Zope in such a way as to provide for multi-site
hosting in Zope.

   * 0.2.0: A major, major revision, incorporating several incremental
    developmental stages.  0.2.0 is probably less stable and more buggy than
    0.1.1.  Design-wise, however, this is much nearer to final release.
        * Added the ability to have aliases by host, with very full-featured
        set-up options.
        * better-thought-out breadcrumbs-friendly API to VHF
        * Added an Evaluate tab (and changed the install routine) so that
        can install the VHF while VHM is already in use (IMEME-IMPROVED
        OF VHM ONLY!!  the evaluate tab will actually still work just fine
        the older version, but your Apache set-up will be different).  In
        situation, the VHF is off on installation.  You can then use the
        Evaluate tab to switch back and forth between the VHF and the iMeme-
        improved VHM safely (in my own testing, at least).
        * Testing tab now allows full URLs, including paths, so you can see
        how the path will be changed on traversal (including aliases), and
        also see (some of) what the new breadcrumbs-friendly API will spit
        back at you.
        * Settled down on thorough system of component interfaces for all
        pertinent classes (in both the Fakers and the VHF modules)
        * Did security and packaging in a more standard way
        * Factored out the lightweight fake folder functionality used by the
        VHF into a Fakers product
        * Tree tag support for FakeFolders means that sub-elements of the
        are accessible through the tree on the left side of the management