[Zope-Annce] ZOQL Method 0.4.0 development preview

Stephan Richter srichter@cbu.edu
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:42:54 -0600

Hello everyone,

it has been a while, since the ZOQL team has posted any progress. This was 
due to the fact that Thomas Foerster rewrote the entire ZOQL Grammar, Lexer 
and Semantics! Everything is now much more object- and component-oriented 
and therefore easier to develop with. The kwParsing Module (that generates 
the language and provides the generic parser) has been adapted to Python 
2.1 by moving all regex to re. There are also many unittests that help with 
the quality assurance of the product.

New Features:
The language rules itself changed slightly, in order to remove some sneaky 
reduce and shift errors in the parser. We also changed some language rules, 
if we found that the old way was inconsistent.
But I think the biggest new feature is the ability to add python-based 
products (if your Zope user has the required permissions on the FS). Here 
ZOQLMethod makes use of the slightly refactored MakeProduct product which 
was originally developed by Erik Enge, Thingamy. Since Erik does not work 
with Zope anymore, I took over the project, and will develop it further in 
combination with ZOQLMethod.
Another small new feature is the ability to add sequences to your Zope 
tree, but it does not do much yet.

What is ZOQL?
ZOQL is a query language similar to SQL for the ZODB. Since other Object 
Query Language standards were not suitable, we developed ZOQL from scratch, 
having only Zope in mind. ZOQL Methods allow you to quickly query and 
manipulate objects in the ZODB. You do not require the ZCatalog or worry 
about all the namespace issues.

There are no dependencies on ZOQLMethod and it should be platform independent.

ZOQLMethod Homepage: http://demo.iuveno-net.de/iuveno/Products/ZOQLMethod
Zope Page: http://www.zope.org/Members/srichter/Products/ZOQLMethod


Stephan Richter
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