[Zope-Annce] Zope Online Documentation Tool

Stephan Richter srichter@cbu.edu
Sat, 12 Jan 2002 12:11:13 -0600

Hello everyone,

I just released the first public version of the Zope Documentation Tool. 
ZOD was fully sponsored by bluedynamcis.com GmbH. After some discussion on 
the Zope mailing list we decided to release the code, so that more people 
could use it.

URL: http://demo.iuveno-net.de/iuveno/Products/ZOnlineDocu

BTW, a demo having the entire Zope tree as documentation can also be found 
on this site.


Stephan Richter
CBU - Physics and Chemistry Student
Web2k - Web Design/Development & Technical Project Management