[Zope-Annce] You can vote for a Zope site in a contest

Didier Georgieff Didier.GEORGIEFF@agriculture.gouv.fr
24 Jan 2002 10:06:44 +0100


We have submitted our Zope application extranet (the only Zope 
project in this contest) for a contest about (roughly) free software 
within french government.  

There is a call for internet users (you, dear reader) to vote for their 
favorite project (may be us, dear reader).

If you want to help promoting Zope usage within french government 
you can vote here :


You can vote until january 31, and I'll let you know the result (aka if 
a IIS site wins or if we succedded on putting Zope on the front stage 
with your help).

Thanks for any help.

Didier Georgieff.

PS : Don't forget to ask your neighbours, gerbils and mother in law 
to vote for us too !