[Zope-Annce] Version 1.2.1 of ZCGI puts CGI-BIN scripts in the CMF!

Adrian Hungate adrian@haqa.co.uk
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:04:59 +0100

ZCGI is designed to bridge the gap between traditional web design, and Zope.
In a traditional web environment, if you want server-side processing, you
write/buy/borrow a CGI-BIN script, put it in a folder that supports the
CGI-BIN protocol, and then call it from a link or form on one of your HTML

ZCGI was originally designed to do just this, and allow people to slowly
move from CGI-BIN to Zope External Methods, Python Scripts, or Python
Products, but as the project has progressed, and especially after I released
1.0.0 I realized that there are a LOT of excellant CGI-BIN products out
there, and it is simply not feasable to have users or authors transition to
fully Zope execution (http://cvs.zope.org uses an excellant CGI-BIN called

So, instead of simply making the transition to Zope easier, I have now
focused on making as many (Often badly written, or only marginally
conformant) CGI-BIN scripts as possible able to run directly under Zope.

With this release, ZCGI can now interact with Page Templates by being able
to base the output on *standard_template.pt* (Vanilla Zope) or
*main_template* (CMF). A number of fixes to the handling of POST content,
and the reporting of debugging errors all make ZCGI more usable both in
development and production.

Many thanks for valuable assistance bug hunting and squashing go to Marc
Lindahl - http://www.zope.org/Members/bowerymarc who helped me immensely
throughout this development cycle.

Thanks also go to  Paolo Petta - mailto:paolo@ai.univie.ac.at for finding
the bug with multi-value parameters.

Thanks to Brett Goodwin - mailto:brett@brettgoodwin.com for finding the bug
where scripts that throw before sending output to stdout cause the wrong
error to be raised.

The new version is available from http://www.zope.org/Members/haqa and now
(thanks to ZCGI) you can get the very latest updates from
http://cvs.haqa.co.uk/viewcvs/Products/ZCGI !!


Adrian Hungate
EMail: adrian@haqa.co.uk
Web: http://www.haqa.co.uk