[Zope-Annce] ANNOUCE: Project Gideon

kapil thangavelu kthangavelu@earthlink.net
Tue, 7 May 2002 12:49:47 -0700

Project Gideon is an application framework for zope. It was originally
created to build a CPAN repository for python in zope.

The Gideon project is still young and experimental in stability, but i hope
that the ideas and implementation will still be of use to other zope 
developers.  Gideon is released under the GPL. It can be downloaded from


it has no external dependencies other than Zope (possibly requiring 
*nix as well)

Lots of work is still needed to finish and improve both the Python Repository
and Gideon. If you'd like to help, please contact me at kvthan@wm.edu 
developers, ui designers, and testers needed!

Core Features

  - Application Model

    provides a lookup model, allowing for nested applications and service

  - Event Channel 

    A publish/subscribe event model, with support for pull and push event
    models (pull model supported via an event queue).

  - Page Contract

    Input Validation. allows for filters and transformers to be applied in 
    a pipelined fashion to input. useable from DTML, PythonScripts, and 
  - BTree UserFolder
    'nough said.
  - User Directory
    Storage for UserWorkpaces, providing an api for retrieval and search
    of workspaces
  - User Workspaces

    Provides a users data container. along with a plugin api for applications 
    register workspace collaborators.

  - Groups (Experimental)

    an api object layer over local roles, to provide for group membership
    and permission management.

  - Scheduling System (Experimental)
    a thread scheduler for zope

  - BulkTxnMailer (Experimental)

    a mailhost that sends email to the fs for queued delivery at 
    the completion of a transaction.

  - Object Linking Service (Experimental)

    Dynamically updated object path based references

  - Catalog Utils
    utilities for use with zcatalog, Catalog Schemas,
    CacheQueries, and Distributed Queries.

Content Features

  - RSS/OCS News Feeds

  - Subscriptions

    A subscription system built on top of the event channel, that allows
    users to subscribe directly to event channel events. provides for 
    queued delivery of events.

  - WebServices Trader

    A ORB/Trader for abstraction of protocol handling and implementation
    for HTTP RPC protocols.
  - Tracker (Experimental)

    A simple bug tracker. The implementation utilizes a property schema
    that combines some of the features of page contract and catalog
    schemas for generic handling of issues independent of their defined

  - Calendar Storage

most of the core features will be available separately as well (some
such as the EventChannel, and PageContract already are.)


kapil thangavelu