[Zope-Annce] ANN: EuroPython 2002, June 26-28, Belgium

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Wed, 22 May 2002 09:55:38 -0400

             European Python and Zope Conference 2002
     Inaugural event for growing developer community in Europe
               Open source leaders to give keynotes

                      June 26-28, 2002
                     Charleroi, Belgium


CHARLEROI, MAY 22 - The EuroPython and Zope Conference 2002 announces
the first major Python and Zope Conference in Europe, held June 26-28
in Charleroi, Belgium.  With keynote speeches that include an original
leader of open source, the creator of Python, and the architect of
Zope, as well as major developer activities, the conference promises
to be a breakthrough event for open software in Europe.

Hundreds of new and experienced developers attending the conference
will see a full program, including:

    o Keynote by Guido van Rossum, creator of Python

    o Keynote by Eric Raymond, an originator of the open source movement
    and active Python developer

    o Tutorials and development sessions by Jim Fulton, architect of Zope
    and Chief Technology Officer at Zope Corporation

    o State of the Zope talk by Paul Everitt, co-founder of Zope

The conference program has over 30 presentations and tutorials in 7
tracks, including Python Language, Zope, Python In Science and
Industry, Python In Business, Python Applications, and Web Services.
Note that the Python Language track showcases Jython, the 100% pure
Java implementation of the Python language.  The program contains
tutorials, presentations, lightning talks, and "birds of a feather"
gatherings.  Additional events include a "sprint" for building Zope 3,
the next major version of Zope, as well as the first general member's
meeting of the EuroZope Foundation and a meeting of the Python
Business Forum.

EuroPython 2002 will be held in Charleroi, Belgium, a city close to
Brussels.  Space is filling quickly, so early registration at the
EuroPython website (http://www.europython.org) is encouraged.  Student
discounts are available.

The EuroPython 2002 conference continues this year's series of open
source developer events in Europe, including FOSDEM and LinuxTag,
which each attracted thousands of attendees.  Like these conferences,
EuroPython 2002 is organized by a volunteer group of open source

**About Python**

Python is a leading object-oriented open source programming language
that runs on all modern platforms. By integrating ease-of-use, clarity
in coding, enterprise application connectivity and rapid application
design, Python is an ideal programming platform for todays IT

More information, including the Python source code and binaries for
Linux and Windows, are available at http://www.python.org.

**About Jython**

Jython is an implementation of the Python programming language written
in 100% pure Java. It provides the flexibility and interactive
scriptability of Python to the world of Java.

More information, including the Jython source code and executables for
all major Java Virtual Machines, is available at

**About Zope**

Zope is a leading open source application server, specializing in
content management, portals, and custom applications. Since Zope
Corporation introduced Zope as an open source product in 1998, it has
become the platform of choice for content publishers, managers and
application developers. Zope comes with complete source code, most of
which is written in Python.

More information, including the Zope source code and binaries for
Linux and Windows, are available at http://www.zope.org.

Python, Jython and Zope are maintained and enhanced in open source
fashion by an international community of programmers and companies.


    EuroPython Conference Team
    P3B c/o Aragne
    Boulevard G=E9n=E9ral Michel 1E
    B-6000 Charleroi.

    Conference Organization: mailto:europython@p3b.org

International Contacts

    * Belgium

      * Denis Fr=E8re, mailto:denis@aragne.com, tel: +32(0)479.651.442

      * Tom Deprez, mailto:tom@aragne.com, tel: +32(0)2.479.63.88

    * France

      * Nicolas Chauvat, mailto:nicolas.chauvat@logilab.fr, tel:

    * Germany

      * Marc-Andre L=E9mburg, mailto:mal@egenix.com, tel:

    * Netherlands

      * Martijn Faassen, mailto:faassen@vet.uu.nl, tel:

    * United Kingdom

      * Andy Robinson, mailto:andy@reportlab.com , tel:

      * Tim Couper, mailto:tim@2wave.net, tel: +44 (0)1582 463120