[Zope-Annce] [ANNOUNCE] ArielPartners releases ExternalFile 1.0

Craeg K Strong cstrong@arielpartners.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 16:01:37 -0400

This is the fourth public release of our ExternalFile product.


This new release adds much requested features like

     * batch add capability -- add instances whole directories at a time!
     * extensible mimetypes -- you can now add new mimetypes and control exactly 
how they are to be displayed
     * can behave_like File -- non-image binaries now behave_like Zope Files, 
with much improved mime type handling.
     * programmability you may now create instances using scripts rather than 
through the web GUI if you wish. There are even a set of detailed example 
scripts to help you get started!

This new release is compatible with CVSFile-0-8. It also extends its "workalike" 
capabilities. ExternalFile can now behave like any of the following:

     * DTMLDocument
     * DTMLMethod
     * Image
     * File

Why not simply use ExtFile? Because ExternalFile supports pointing to a file "in 
situ" like a symbolic link, rather than copying it into some central repository 
This may not seem like a big deal, until you consider that those files might be 
stored in a revision control system like CVS. ExternalFile gives you the ability 
to create a Zope object that points to a file in, for example, a CVS sandbox for 
its content.
ExternalFile is usable by itself. It is also the base class for CVSFile.
This product is compatible with the popular ExternalEditor product.
Objects created using ExternalFile version 0.9 should work with no changes under 
version 1.0 that is, no special Schema Migration is necessary.


--Craeg Strong