[Zope-Annce] [ANNOUNCE] ArielPartners releases CVSFile 0.8

Craeg K Strong cstrong@arielpartners.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 16:04:15 -0400

This is the second public release of our CVSFile product.


CVSFile enables Zope content to be served out of files residing in CVS 
sandboxes, and provides access to common CVS functions through the web in the 
Zope Management Interface.
This new release adds much requested features like

     * batch add capability -- add instances whole directories at a time!
     * tunable parameters for CVS commands, and
     * programmability you may now create instances using scripts rather than 
through the web GUI if you wish. There are even a set of detailed example 
scripts to help you get started!

Why not simply use ZCVSFolder? Because CVSFile stores files in CVS as normal 
files, rather than as Python "pickles." This makes it easy to use the same 
content, held in CVS, in both Zope and non-Zope contexts.
CVSFile extends ExternalFile, and therefore inherits all of its functionality. 
This new release requires ExternalFile version 1.0.
This product is compatible with the popular ExternalEditor product.
In order to upgrade your existing CVSFile 0.7 objects to version 0.8, you will 
need to run the repair() method. See the section on Schema Migration in the 
README.txt file for more details. It is very easy to do.


--Craeg Strong