[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.11.0 released.

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 11:33:28 -0700

Zwiki version 0.11.0 has been released.
 More information: 
Zwiki 0.11.0 2002-10-01


	Bugfixes, international page names, edit log notes, WikiForNow
	assimilation completed, CMFWiki integration (alpha).

    Upgrading notes

	See Regexps.py for notes on configuring international page names.
	When running large & extensively cataloged wikis, you might notice
	this version being more memory intensive than 0.10 (which itself
	may be more memory hungry than 0.9.9). This release should coexist
	with CMFWiki without problems.  Otherwise the usual, see
	http://zwiki.org/TenMinuteZwikiUpgradeGuide &
	http://zwiki.org/HowToUpgradeZwiki for more.
    Changes (by category)


	* better support for (single-byte) international characters in
	page names & ids; enable out of the box, with or without a locale
	set up (IssueNo0257)

	* merge CMF support into standard ZWiki pages. See
	Extensions/CMFInstall.py. (alpha)
	(CMFWiki) (ChrisMcDonough)

	* locking fixes for external editor support (CaseyDuncan)

	* save an optional log note with edit (or type change, file
	upload, ftp PUT, page creation, deletion (via DeleteMe))
	(WikiForNow) (KenManheimer)
	* allow page type to be set via FTP (WikiForNow)
	* Don't allow completely anonymous invocations of rename/delete

	* reindex after renaming

	* set "FTP access" permission, send manage_edit through wiki
	editing code the way WikiForNow does (IssueNo0243)

	* a couple of compatibility tweaks for running inside a CMF/plone
	instance - provide view & SearchableText methods, use
	portal_catalog if present, don't use rule in comment headings.

      Default UI & wiki content

	* custom wikipage template was being called with the wrong context

	* custom standard_wiki_header/footer methods were being ignored

	* provide a traceback in html source when header or footer
	rendering fails

	* standard_error_message: fix missing "; make it work when not in
	site's root folder (IssueNo0250)

	* editform: move options down a row to handle long page names
	better; fix tab ordering

	* display last log note in history link title in header and at top
	left when diff browsing; use a form button to return from diff

	* use ZMI widgets for page_type and NOT_CATALOGED (WikiForNow)


	* new "text + links" page type

	* wwml: some rendering fixes and convert spaces to tabs, described
	on ConvertSpacesToTabs (PeterMerel)

	* use new rendering code for issue pages (IssueNo0252,IssueNo0253)

        * enable stx bullet workaround for all zope versions (IssueNo0273)


	* filter blank items from mailout recipients (IssueNo0221)


	* be more robust when upgrading timestamps (IssueNo0222)

	* be more robust with older zopes which may not have page
	templates (IssueNo0224)

	* don't use prefix tag in add zwiki web form for compatiblity with
	old zopes (IssueNo0229)

	* be more robust reading version.txt.. zope-cvs doesn't have one

	* fixprops.py utility method for fixing up zwiki page properties

    API changes (summary)

	Nothing major.