[Zope-Annce] Bug in Zope 2.6.0: Fix availiable

Lennart Regebro lennart@torped.se
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:10:47 +0100

Zope 2.6.0 has a bug in DateTime.rfc822(). The bug appears when you are NOT
in a DST timezone, causing a "Name Error: Global name localzone is not
defined" error.

This will affect many parts of your Zope operations, luckily, the fix is
- Download the fixed DateTime.py, from
- Put the downloaded DateTime.py into the lib/python/DateTime directory,
replacing the one that is there.
- Restart the server.

This fix is ONLY valid for Zope 2.6.0. Earlier versions of Zope does not
have this bug, and this fix will be included in any future releases of Zope.

Best Regards

Lennart Regebro