[Zope-Annce] First book ever published about CMF/Plone !

Olivier DECKMYN - IngeniWeb Olivier DECKMYN - IngeniWeb <olivier.deckmyn@ingeniweb.com>
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 21:44:33 +0200

Zopera team strikes back !!!

Again, Kamon Ayeva, Olivier Deckmyn and Pierre-Julien Grizel write the first
book ever published about a Zope subject : CMF and Plone. Back in 2001, they
already write the famous "Green Book"(http://zope.editions-eyrolles.com) : the
first book ever published about Zope.

This book, written in French is published by "Editions Eyrolles", french leading

This book covers in fact the creation of "Zopera"(http://www.zopera.org) community
website :

- Content Management Theories

- CMF and Plone for the end-user

- CMF and Plone installation

- CMF and Plone graphical customisation

- CMF and Plone content type customisation

- CMF and Plone products creation

- High-End installation (ZEO/Squid/Caches, etc...)

The book is here :

Have a nice reading ;)