[Zope-Annce] ExternalEditor 0.7 - Don't let the date fool you!

Casey Duncan casey@zope.com
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 15:38:23 -0500

I'm stupified to present to you the long-overdue 0.7 edition of External
Editor on this fine first day of April, 2003. The most distinguishing new
feature is the addition of support for MS Office. I also hopefully managed
to fix the Windows build so that it supports ssl...

Here's the whole scoop:

    - Added working distutils setup for Unix.

    - You can now specify from the server that the helper app should
      borrow a lock by passing borrow_lock=1 via the request, thus
      suppressing the dialog box which appears by default. Thanks
      to Shane Hathaway.

    - Improved open file check in Word and Powerpoint plugins 
      thanks to Yura Petrov.

    - Added plugins for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

    - Added the man page from the Debian distro. Thanks go out to
      Federico Sevilla III and Andreas Tille

Download at::


Huh? What?

ExternalEditor is a Zope Product and client-side helper application to
connect your web browser directly to your favorite editors.

Once configured you can click on the edit icon in the ZMI and use your 
favorite client side applications to edit your Zope objects. Works with
both text and binary data. Works with any browser that supports helper
applications. Easily integrates into your Zope content management