[Zope-Annce] NeoBoard 1.1, NeoPortalContentPak 0.9b, NeoPortalLibrary 0.9b released

Wankyu Choi wankyu@neoqst.com
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 18:49:04 +0900

Hi all,

New versions of all three NeoPortal products have been released.

Note that NeoPortalLibrary 0.9b is now a required library version.

All users of previous NeoBoard versions should upgrade to the latest one
since they have a critical security bug.

I'd like to thank Toby Dickenson and Casey Duncan for their valuable =

Tested Platforms: Zope 2.6.1 + CMF 1.3.1 + Plone 1.0.1

Recommended products: BTreeFolder2, TextIndexNG ( not required, but I
strongly recommend you install them anyway )

To name a few outstanding changes/features...

NeoBoard 1.1

    (i) changed : Catalog is now a built-in feature of NeoBoard. I've =
NeoBoard 1.1 with more than 20,000 article objects. It takes no more =
than a
second to render an article list. Works fine with Virtual Host Monster.

    (i) updated : All skins updated against new Plone CSS (1.0.1).

    (i) feature : NeoBoard Article access logs now support a =
set of access trace keys (date, ip address, username)
    (i) changed : export flag feature done away with since we don't need =
any more. NeoBoard articles have uqnie sort keys ( no longer dependent =
CreationDate )

    (i) i18n cleaned up   =20

NeoPortalLibrary 0.9b

    (i) changed : NeoPortal Element Contaniners now automatically build
built-in catalog when error occurs

    (i) feature : One can define class variables, _np_catalog_indexes,
_np_catalog_schema, _np_cataloggable_meta_types, =
_np_textindex_ng_options in
any subclasses of NeoPortalCatalog

    (i) feature : NeoPortalElementContainer can now reorder its elements =
will. Renaming page_3 to page_5, for example: page_2, page_4, page_5, =
(reposition) -> page_2, page_3, page_4, page_5 (and rename)

    (i) feature : NeoPortalAccessTracealbeObject mix-in class added to
support arbitrary combos of access trace keys: ip, date, username.

NeoPortalContentPak 0.9b

    (i) feature : NeoPortal Poll supports a customizable set of access =
keys (date, ip address, username).

    (i) changed : NeoPortal Ordered Folder and Article now makes use of
brains objects returned by getNeoPortalElements(), a big performance =

    (i) feature : NeoPortal BTree Folder content type
The keyword in this release is **performance**. For more details, read =
CHANGES.txt in each package. ( I'm very lazy when it comes to =
Even the CHANGES.txt doesn't have all the changes/features added :-)

Project Home: "http://www.zoper.net":http://www.zoper.net

Downloads: =

Wankyu Choi

  Wankyu Choi
  NeoQuest Communications, Inc.
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