[Zope-Annce] Ape 0.6 and DBTab 1.2

Shane Hathaway shane@zope.com
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 15:50:23 -0400

Ape 0.6 and DBTab 1.2 are ready to download.


Ape, short for "Adaptable Persistence", is the new name for Adaptable 
Storage.  Ape adapts Zope objects to storage on the filesystem, in 
relational databases, or practically anywhere else.  It combines the 
advantages of transparent object persistence with arbitrary databases 
and formats.  It is especially designed to work with ZODB, but can work 
independently of both Zope and ZODB.

Some of the changes made since Adaptable Storage version 0.5:

- Added the tutorial outline presented at PyCon 2003.  The tutorial 
describes the overall design of Ape and begins to explain how to use it 
with your own software.

- Added MySQL 4.0 support.

- Changed naming conventions to fit Zope 3.

- Improved generation and interpretation of filename extensions.

- Fixed loading of ZClass instances.

- Made object modification dates match file dates.

- Many bugfixes.

Version 1.2 of DBTab removes the optional dependency on 
AdaptableStorage, fixes a problem with the activity monitor, and lets 
you choose what kind of container to create when mounting for the first 
time.  You should use DBTab 1.2 with Ape 0.6.