[Zope-Annce] NAA/NEXPO ZUG Announcement

NAA Zope Users Group naa-zug@zope.com
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:30:14 -0400

Zope Corporation is delighted to be sponsoring a Zope User's Group meeting=20
(ZUG) Friday, June 20th following 2003 NEXPO SuperConference in Las=20
Vegas.  We will meet in Ballroom F of the Las Vegas Hilton from 9am-3pm.

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear case studies and presentations=20
from media companies of all sizes, about their use of Zope.

We will have three or four 10-15 minute lightning talks / demonstrations in=20
the morning.  If you would like to present during this session, please let=20
Lois Snitkoff (lois@zope.com) know via email as soon as possible.

This event is provided compliments of Zope Corporation.  For space and=20
refreshment planning purposes, please RSVP for the event via email to=20
naa-zug@zope.com before May 30, 2003.

The Newspaper Association of America has offered complimentary one-day
passes to the NEXPO Exhibit Hall to ZUG attendees.  If you plan to attend
the ZUG and not register for the full NEXPO/Superconference, this is an=20
ideal way for you to see the latest in Newspaper Operations and Publishing

NAA/Las Vegas ZUG Agenda
8:00-9:00am     Lightning Talks/Demonstrations=20
                        - TBA

9:00-9:45am     What's new with Zope?=20
                        -  Rob Page, CEO, Zope Corporation

9:45-10:45am    Rapid Application Development using Zope and=20
                        A Relational Database
                        - Chris Muldrow, Editor, Fredericksburg.com

10:45-11:00am  Break/Refreshments

11:00 - NOON    Python, Zope, Perl and Squid =3D=20
                        Online Newspaper at Boston.com=20
                        - Marc Lavalee, Senior Developer, Boston.com

NOON-1:00pm   LUNCH

1:00-2:15pm     Leveraging AP Digital XML Content in Zope=20
                        - Sean Upton, Site Technology Supervisor,=20

2:15- 3:15pm   Zope3 and CMF Directions and Roadmap=20
                       - Tres Seaver, CMF Architect/Senior Developer,=20
                          Zope Corporation=20
                       - Jim Fulton, ZC CTO (appearance via video)
Zope Corporation staff will be at the show from Monday June 16th through our=20
June 20th ZUG, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Robert S. Page, Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: 540-361-1710

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