[Zope-Annce] Releasing RevisionManager 1.2rc1

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp@weitershausen.de
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 19:24:52 +0200

Hello everybody,

Once again, I am proud to announce another RevisionManager release. A 
big thanks goes to ZopeMag which has been sponsoring development since 
the 1.0 release.

The first release candidate for RevisionManager 1.2 brings the following 

   * Many performance improvements have been made. Performance has
     more than doubled for some actions. Thanks to Dieter Maurer for
     ZopeProfiler which made profiling very easy.

   * RevisionManager now has simple support for branches and sticky
     tags (creating a new branch, moving to a branch, reverting a
     sticky tag).

   * RevisionManager can use the name of the user that is currently
     logged onto Zope to connect to a pserver or RSH/SSH server.

   * RevisionManager can now append ZODB history information (changes
     to the object since the last RevisionManager action) to the log
     message upon committing objects. Be aware that this slows down
     committing because each objects has to be comitted independendly.

   * Added 'force checkout' action. This allows one to force a checkout
     and thus revert local changes.

   * Several bugfixes. Thanks to Christian Theune for helping debugging
     a very tricky bug.

If you already have an instance of RevisionManager, please follow the 
instructions in the INSTALL.txt file, section 4 Upgrading.

You may download RevisionManager at:

Best regards,